Everyone, well everyone not wearing a white pointed hat, is going to go after Hitler right out of the gate when time travel hits but what then? You need some adventure minded people to help plunde…..explore, yes explore the universe. Rounding out the short list are the seven “Doctor Who” characters you can time travel with and stand for more than a few millennia.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

A well-rounded soldier who has class and brains, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart as a personality you would want around through thick and thin, past and future. His ability to adapt to the considerable strain on his sense of reality proves his worth as one of the best characters you can surf the time stream with, assuming Stephen Hawking doesn't call shotgun. The Brigadier shows his tact as he keeps Sarah Jane’s spirits up when hope might well be gone in the episode “Planet of the Spiders”.


It’s time for a M.R.I. if you don’t think that having your own personal cavewoman along for your trip through time isn’t the greatest idea ever. Whether you like the idea of an enforcer or someone you can easily impress with fire, you know that eventually you're going to want to check out the dinosaurs and having someone ready to stab, bonk and bash is a great asset. Of course if she ever turns on you, you can always pull the deadly candy trick like the Doctor does in “The Face of Evil”.

Professor Zaroff.

Do mad scientists come any crazier than Professor Zaroff? As long as you remember to lock your bedroom door every night then this genius who can give you gills if you end up on a watery planet is the guy you want around. Zaroff makes guys who take commands from their pet ferrets seem normal just watch his sanity get junk punched in “The Underwater Menace”.


A robot dog with a killing laser that is intelligent enough to actually be entitled to his smarm makes K-9 the ultimate pet or robot companion to have your back throughout time and space. When your sonic screwdriver and admirable penchant for non-violent solutions hits the occasional obstacle just let K-9 rock some deadly nose laser action and you guys will be back on track to pantsing dictators throughout Earth’s history in no time at all. “The Stones of Blood” will give you plenty of nose lasering and data querying to prove that K-9 would be great to bring along on any trip.

Jack Harkness.

Having someone along who, for the most part, cannot be killed is a definite boon when exploring through time. In fact should you ever get bored you could set deadly traps or hunt him for sport throughout your time machine or random world. As a man who dealt with a significant amount of time travel, Jack Harkness can be a huge asset on your travels or a convenient meat shield to stand behind. Watch him bust out the quick thinking skills that will keep you both alive during your extended travels in “The Stolen Earth”.


A cool Egyptian god background and he went toe to toe with the Tom Baker version of the Doctor makes Sutekh a solid choice for an exciting character to time travel with you. Watch him show off both intelligence and verbal articulation in his dialogue/torture of the Doctor in “Pyramids of Mars”. It’s good to have a companion that brings entertaining and introspective evil instead of just drooling in a corner laughing to himself.

Weeping Angels.

Yes they are terrible forces of destruction but they also bring their own special brand of fun as companions. By forcing you to stay awake constantly they’ll make life interesting with the hallucinations and high levels of anxiety, which will make your time traveling odyssey about exponentially more fun. The Weeping Angels aren’t chatterboxes either so they won’t talk your ear off and make you want to open the door to the T.A.R.D.I.S. and step out into space in nothing but your boxer briefs, they’ll just keep on stalking you in peaceful quiet as they do in the episode “Blink”.