The Walt Disney Corporation is famous for several things: Crowded, expensive amusement parks, mind-numbing programming for "tweens," creepy hidden penises. But they can also churn out a decent villain or two. Or seven, as in these seven Disney villains, the type of people so horrible you might be tempted to not return their phone calls or accept their dinner invitations.

Chernabog, "Fantasia"

The big scary demon from "Fantasia" who looks a little like Bela Lugosi is probably the Disney villain to rule them all. He's the strong, silent type, working his necromancer magic without so much as a whisper, and none other than Walt Disney is said to have referred to him as "Satan himself." Some have theorized that all the other villains in the Disney universe were working for Chernabog in some way or another, making him that much scarier.

Jafar, "Aladdin"

This sinister sorcerer was visually inspired by great Hollywood baddie Conrad Veidt, and he has the evil deeds to match. Jafar is a big fan of mesmerism, using his magic cobra staff to bend people's will and order them around. He still can't seem to get Princess Jasmine interested in him, though. Maybe she doesn't go for jerks, Jafar, have you thought about that? Plus, you look like Conrad Veidt.

Kaa, "The Jungle Book"

Another Disney villain with a penchant for hypnosis, the snake Kaa can gaze into your eyes and make you fall asleep so he can begin the rather long process of digesting you. He falls more into the "coward" subset of Disney villains, meaning he isn't out to take over the world. Still, he's most definitely a horrible person-and remember, don't look into his eyes. He wants to eat you.

The Wicked Stepmother, "Cinderella"

No one would question that this abusive matriarch is a horrible person-come on, the word "wicked" is right there in her name. Everybody knows the story; she and her equally awful daughters make life a living hell for Cinderella, who eventually has her day in the sun thanks to a fairy godmother, the clock strikes midnight, etc, etc. But man, what a bitch.

Maleficent, "Sleeping Beauty"

One of the most iconic and terrifying Disney villains, Maleficent uses black magic to put a curse on Sleeping Beauty, and in the climax of the film a huge battle takes place betweenher and Prince Phillip, during which she transforms into a giant dragon. Even if you're not a Disney fan you have to admit it's pretty cool.

The Queen of Hearts, "Alice In Wonderland"

In describing the Queen of Hearts, you could do worse than to quote the main character Alice, who calls her a "fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant." Yeah. She also has a penchant for ordering executive decapitations with her oft-repeated cry of "off with his (or her) head!" What were the citizens of Wonderland thinking when they elected this woman?

Scar, "The Lion King"

A general tip: If a person's name has the word "scar" in it, in any form, he's probably not a good dude. That goes quadruple for Scar, who murders his brother Mufasa in order to become King of the Pride Lands until the rightful heir Simba returns to take it back. You saw this movie, right? Scar has no qualms about killing anyone who gets in his way, and he's a pretty awful king, too. Under his regime it's always raining and things tend to just burst into flames. One of the best signs of a sub-par monarch.