If you saw the critically acclaimed and universally hailed Drive last year, then you watched a film that's part of a long tradition and you may not have even known it: The "One More Job" movie. In case you're unfamiliar with this iconic genre, it goes like this: The main character is a career criminal who wants to finally get out of his life of crime. But before he can, he has to pull "one more job" so he can get out for good. This almost always goes badly.

In honor of the January 31st release of Drive on Blu-rayTM and DVD, here are seven of the best examples of this storied subgenre.

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The Asphalt Jungle

Sterling Hayden plays Dix in this, the original heist movie. All he wants is to escape his horrible crime-ridden city to a farm on the country, with horses and stuff. But, as is usually the case, in order to do this he has to participate in One More Job. It should go off without a hitch, but you can guess that it doesn't. Spoiler alert: He actually ends up making it to the farm, but it's anybody's guess how long he'll be alive to enjoy it.

The Wild Bunch

Sometimes you don't just want to get out of your outside-the-law lifestyle because you feel like it - sometimes that's just the way the world around you is going. That's the case in The Wild Bunch, in which a bunch of western cowboy outlaws (headed up by a never-grizzlier William Holden) seek to make one last big score before hanging up their hats and riding off into the sunset. They end up going on a bloody odyssey to hell, but that's the risk, right?

The Killer

Not all One More Job-ers are as impurely-intentioned as the ones in The Wild Bunch, though. Take the one in John Woo's The Killer as an example: He's an assassin, sure, but he wants out. Only he accidentally blinded an innocent woman during his last artfully choreographed hit, so he decides to take one more job in order to pay for her corrective surgery. Since this is both a John Woo movie and not starring an American movie star, it unfolds as tragedy, but you've gotta respect the guy's intentions.


Here's an interesting twist on the One More Job movie: Instead of pulling one last job before leaving his violent lifestyle, Clint Eastwood's William Munny already left his violent lifestyle, years ago. In fact, few people believe that the old man still has anything of the old badass left in him. This proves to be horrifyingly inaccurate.

Carlito's Way

Referred to by many as a spiritual sequel to Scarface, Al Pacino's Carlito Brigante is way nobler than Tony Montana could ever be (or maybe he's just a little older and wiser). He tries to go clean after he gets out of prison on a technicality, but the streets just won't let him. And after a few classic Brian De Palma set-pieces, he finds out the hard way what the endgame of the criminal lifestyle is.

Fallen Angels

Wong-Kar wai's impressionistic crime story is more about looking stylish and cool than it is about plot, but its status as a true One More Job movie is unquestionable. The man in question is an assassin, but since this is a Wong Kar-wai movie, his reasons for staying involved in his chosen profession are as much emotional and romantic as they are moral. He's in love with his partner, and unless he gets over it, he's never going to get out.

Out of Sight

George Clooney in Out of Sight is a career bank robber, but he wants something more out of life, especially once Jennifer Lopez enters into it. Unfortunately, she happens to be a Federal Marshall looking to throw him behind bars. His "One More Job" doesn't go as planned, with a lot of dead bodies on his hands, but he manages to get a happy ending anyway. Kind of.

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