Hollywood is famous for ruining true love for women by constantly showing over-the-top courtships, proposals, and engagements in dramas and romantic comedies. But if they didn’t, men wouldn’t be as pressured to make the extra effort to compete with the Edward Cullens of the world. Here are some classic movie engagement scenes to aspire to, okay guys?

1. Mark and Bridget, "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason"

The hilarious adventures of Bridget Jones commence when she falls in love with a co-worker named Daniel, an expert at charming the pants off the ladies. Bridget just wants a nice guy who will cuddle afterwards, which Daniel is not. Tired of getting her heart broken, Bridget falls for Mark. The problem is that both of them like each other but don’t have the confidence to say it, so their proposal scene is a classic “just do it already!” movie moment.

2.  Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan, "A Walk To Remember"

When Landon meets Jamie, it isn’t love at first sight. He’s the rebel without a cause, ridiculously good looking popular alpha-male in his group and she’s the girl who has no friends, wears homely cardigans and is the daughter of the local pastor. Their proposal is a classic ending to the age old fantasy many girls have of being the only one who could reform the bad boy.

3. Henry and Claire DeTamble, "The Time Traveler’s Wife"

Henry’s proposal to Claire, the beautiful Rachel McAdams is the classic sneak-attack proposal. While Claire is sleeping, he slips a huge rock on her finger and waits for her to wake up and be shocked as she takes it all in. The adorable twist in their engagement scene is when she says no, just to see what it would be like if they were in an alternate reality before finally saying “yes, of course.”

4. Margaret Tate, Andrew Paxton, "The Proposal"


Margaret plays the stereotypical dragon-monster of a boss in "The Proposal", who somehow manipulates her secretary Andrew into agreeing to marrying her. The reason he plays along is so that she becomes a citizen and doesn’t get deported so he doesn’t lose his job. This pitching-two-wrongs-together plot works perfectly as they get to know each other during their farce of an engagement and Paul proposes for real.

5. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, "Twilight"

For those who miss the proposals of olden days, when men would ask father for permission for their daughter’s hand in marriage and dates were always supervised and kissing was not allowed, Edward’s proposal in "Twilight" is awe-inducing. This proposal is literally classic. He gets down on one knee, says all the right things and lifts her up for a hug after she says yes. For every teenage girls’ ideal prototype of an undead man, nothing short of perfect can be expected. Don't get excited, ladies, because this will absolutely not happen to you!


6. Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner, "Pirates of The Caribbean: At The World’s End"

For those leading ladies who prefer to be a little more adventurous and less sit-around-and-wait-for-her-man than Bella, Will Turner’s proposal was a classic. After years of battling all kinds of human and supernatural villains together, Will proposes to Elizabeth while they are mid-duel, fighting off a gang of sea half sea-monster, half-pirates. He proposes in a classic “what if we die” moment and they spend just a day together on honeymoon before he is condemned to ten years in the Netherworld while his wife waits for him.

7. Lewis and Vivian, "Pretty Woman"

Julia Robert’s character starts out with a one night (paid) stand. Her naturally endearing personality soon has her john hooked and he wants her to stick around, giving her money to go shopping so they can spend more time together with his fancy-schmancy friends. Giving herself a fabulous makeover, Vivian goes from trashy hooker to glamorous woman. After breaking her heart, Lewis wins her back with a grand gesture of a proposal. This is the most classic engagement scene of them all. Of course, in real life the rich john would have given the hooker the boot, and then taken an extra-long shower.