7 Celebrities Who Have Done Hard Time

Thursday, October 13 by

Wesley Snipes

In December of 2010, Wesley Snipes reported to a correctional institution in Pennsylvania after being found guilty of tax evasion. Snipes argued that he was being made an example of, much in the same way that Martha Stewart was made an example of. Strange that he didn’t learn from Martha’s example.

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson walked away a free man after standing in the center of the most famous murder trial in Hollywood history. However, he wasn’t so lucky in 2008 after being found guilty of armed robbery. Simpson and five other men were trying to retrieve sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel room. Simpson alleges the items were stolen from his home and that no harm was intended. The judge didn’t rule in his favor however, citing that a gun was drawn and someone could have been killed. The confrontation was ruled as premeditated as the planning, the aftermath, and the robbery itself were all recorded on audio and videotape. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in federal prison with an option for parole after a third of the time is solved. It’s believed that is where he’ll spend the rest of his days.

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