7 Badass Movie Spies That Are Listening To This Conversation

Thursday, January 12 by Joseph Gibson

spy get short.jpg


Not just anybody can be a spy. It requires perseverance, dedication, and a certain natural inclination for sneaking around in dangerous situations. And these badass movie spies are even more impressive than you’re garden-variety spies, collecting information and thwarting bad guys all while looking cool and blowing stuff up.

Mr. Moto

Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto

The Japanese spy in the “Mr. Moto” series of 1930s adventure films does it all: He throws knives, he juggles, he does judo, and he’s a master of disguise. And he’s played by master character actor Peter Lorre, so you know these movies are as fun as they get. Modern viewers might be shocked at the levels of badassitude on display here, as Mr. Moto coldly dispatches bad guys in ways that make today’s movie spies seem like pansies by comparison.

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