Not just anybody can be a spy. It requires perseverance, dedication, and a certain natural inclination for sneaking around in dangerous situations. And these badass movie spies are even more impressive than you're garden-variety spies, collecting information and thwarting bad guys all while looking cool and blowing stuff up.

Mr. Moto

The Japanese spy in the "Mr. Moto" series of 1930s adventure films does it all: He throws knives, he juggles, he does judo, and he's a master of disguise. And he's played by master character actor Peter Lorre, so you know these movies are as fun as they get. Modern viewers might be shocked at the levels of badassitude on display here, as Mr. Moto coldly dispatches bad guys in ways that make today's movie spies seem like pansies by comparison.

James Bond

Undoubtedly the most famous badass movie spy, Agent 007 sets the standard by which all future spies are judged. You don't need to read yet another list of the classic spy hallmarks, but here's one anyway: Gadgets, guns, girls, stunts, fights, quips, drinks. It all spells one word: "Badass." Or maybe that's actually two words?


Bruce Lee's goal in "Enter The Dragon" is simple: infiltrate a martial arts tournament and find the evil Mr. Han. Lee's combination of lightning-quick moves and Han's evil machinations set up a spy versus nemesis super showdown that is not to be missed.

Derek Flint

What started as a parody of the 007 flicks quickly took on a life of its own. The character of Derek Flint went on to appear in a sequel (played by James Coburn in both movies) and has served as an influence on a number of spy spoofs to follow.


Robert Sand

The immortal Jim Kelly plays an agent for D.R.A.G.O.N. (Defense Reserve Agency Guardian Of Nations," duh) who has to kick, punch, and chop his way through an army of bad guys in "Black Samurai". At one point he even has to strap on a jet pack and fly around. Whoa, this movie is nuts.

Jack Quinn

The hero of this Jean-Claude Van Damme spy thriller is a badass in the JCVD tradition (this means a lot of high-kicks, splits, and borderline-incoherent one-liners). But in order to go up against the ultimate threat (Mickey Rourke, of course), he has to team up with Dennis Rodman. A plot synopsis that badass demands an equally badass spy, and Van Damme is up to the task, as always.

David Kabakov

Robert Shaw's anti-terrorism agent David Kabakov has to stop deranged Vietnam vet Bruce Dern from crashing a blimp into the Super Bowl. Shaw's trademark salty delivery makes for a nice juxtaposition of calculated spy and fiery hero. A badass through and through, Kabakov is more than up to the task.