Be honest; robots are cool, aren't they? With the release of "Real Steel," the robots play second fiddle to Hugh Jackman's aging boxer, making the movie into a mechanical type of "Rocky." But the best movie mechs are of the badass variety, not the boxing variety. These destructive mountains of metal strike fear into men and lay waste to all in their path, or at least everyone they're programmed to destroy. The seven badass movie mechs on this list may not be in "Real Steel," but they definitely pack more than a punch!


ABC Warrior, "Judge Dredd"

Don't let the alphabetic moniker fool you; this mech will rip you to pieces. The evil Rico has busted out of Aspen Penal Colony, and he's looking to wreak havoc. Aiding him in that goal is his newly-acquired robotic henchman, the ABC Warrior. At Rico's command, ABC shoots people, breaks bones, and comes within a few seconds of tearing a woman's arms and legs off. That's beyond badass.

ED-209, "RoboCop"

The Enforcement Droid, series 209. With a voice that makes James Earl Jones sound like a soprano and weapons that would make Rambo jealous, ED-209 is the epitome of badassery. Still not convinced? Just ask Mr. Kenney, who was turned into soup by a hail of ED-209's bullets.


Mechagodzilla, "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla"

How do you make a radioactive prehistoric dinosaur even more badass? Make an indestructible mech version of him, that's how! Not only can he destroy Tokyo, but he doesn't ever need to sleep or stop to go to the bathroom. Capable of non-stop destruction, Mechagodzilla brings Eastern flavor to the badass mech party.

Megatron, "Transformers: The Movie"

That would be the 1986 "Transformers" flick, which features the evil Megatron at his best. Mad with power and on a quest to destroy the Autobots, the leader of the Decepticons succeeds in killing his rival, Optimus Prime. How may bad guys actually kill the hero? Not many. Although Optimus makes a comeback, no one can deny that Megatron is true badass.


Gort, "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

He's practically an icon nowadays, but that doesn't diminish Gort's badassness. He's got a laser eye that can destroy anything, okay? It doesn't get much cooler than that. Oh, and he's also indestructible.

T-800, "Terminator"

When the robot here looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's pretty intimidating. But when all of the organic matter is burned off and only the metallic skeleton remains, that's when the badass meter gets cranked up to eleven. Short of being crushed by a hydraulic press, this mech is unstoppable. Even a pipe-bomb to the torso couldn't stop it!


Hector, "Saturn 3"

Hector is a model of efficiency, able to do the work of an entire colony of space-faring folk. A change in his programming also means that Hector is capable of destroying that same colony without much effort. If wiping out a civilization doesn't make a mech badass, what does?