7 Awkward Clips Of Actors Crying

Monday, October 31 by

Sylvester StalloneFirst Blood

He could be the best actor in cinematic history and I still wouldn’t be able to get comfortable with Sylvester Stallone crying. Nope. It’s a shame that this movie came out about two decades before texting did, because if I was Trautman, I would require some distraction to avoid eye contact with a sobbing man in a bandana headband.

You’re Sylvester Stallone. We expect this from Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but not from you? Just keep mumbling, sir.

Will Smith – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

This is perhaps the birth of the Will Smith “I wanna cry cause I just love him so damn much” face, complete with lower lip quiver and deepened voice.

“Naw, man. Naw.”

The Fresh Prince had an awful lot of intense moments shared between Uncle Phil and Will. Too many, really. When these scenes appeared, NBC should have flashed a warning telling viewers to turn into sister channel CNBC to watch a 25-second clip of Carlton doing his little dance.

Kiefer Sutherland – 24


Jack Bauer is a finely-tuned terrorist-wasting machine, so when we’re exposed to his sentiment, it comes across as more than a little awkward. It’s sort of like seeing Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec cry, but wayyyyy worse.

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