7 Awesome Movies That Became Unlikely Musicals

Wednesday, November 30 by

The Lord of the Rings Musical

Haha. Though it was well-received by Tolkien fans, The Lord of the Rings musical ended its run in 2008 with intentions to go on tour in 2011. We’re pushing into 2012 and there have not been any updates. Should they have trouble finding the funds, they could easily rebrand this as an Evan Almighty musical. The Gandalf costume could go either way.

The Toxic Avenger Musical

Based on the 1985 Troma film, The Toxic Avenger Musical tells the tale of a weakling granted superpowers after falling into a vat of nuclear waste. You might be quick to shrug this off, but reviewers loved it. Plus, the songs were written by Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan. It doesn’t get more Jersey than that.


Yes, even Stephen King‘s story of an awkward high school girl burning down schools with her mind has been made into a musical. Granted, the initial 1988 production was panned by critics, and became one of the most expense flops of its time. But something this campy can’t be killed, especially in a hipster-filled city like New York. An off-Broadway revival is planned for 2012

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