7 Awesome Movies That Became Unlikely Musicals

Wednesday, November 30 by
This exists. 

The growing trend of adapting films for the musical stage has yielded a diverse array of projects. Productions like The Wedding Singer and Billy Elliot make total sense. Then, there are the projects that don’t. Like Legally Blonde or the recently-announced Rocky musical. But you can see how the work at least somewhat loans itself, whether with theme or fanbase. THEN, there are the films that are just so damn ridiculous that it’s awesome anyone would dream up a way to bring them to the stage. These are them.

Evil Dead: The Musical

Packed with blood, gore, demons, hilarious writing, set pieces that come to life, scene-stealing rednecks, hot chicks, hot chicks, and hot chicks, Evil Dead: The Musical was a really good time. Especially if you were fortunate enough to sit in the splash zone. It also managed to pull off the difficult feat of upstaging Bruce Campbell.

Grumpy Old Men: The Musical

I think I love that Grumpy Old Men: The Musical is a thing that exists. Not only did it star Christopher Lloyd, but also featured Carol Kane in a role created specifically for the musical. Sounds like a Taxi fan’s dream come true.

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