Some of the most exciting movies are disaster movies; therefore it is pretty easy to compile a list of seven asteroid movies that almost destroyed the earth. While many of these films did not receive positive reviews, most are very entertaining. 




Believe it or not, 1998's "Armageddon" was the highest grossing film worldwide, outdoing the likes of "Saving Private Ryan." While not very critically acclaimed, this disaster film delivers the action with a loaded cast, including Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Steve Buscemi, Billy-Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, and Michael Clarke Duncan. When an asteriod threatens the planet, it's up to a group of oil-drillers to put their skills to space. Would you count on these guys to save the Earth?


"Deep Impact"

Unlike "Armageddon, "Deep Impact" actually had a comet hit the planet, nearly destroying Earth as most of the Atlantic US, Europe, and Africa were destroyed. While "Deep Impact" did not have the box office success of  "Armageddon," it was more critically acclaimed as it featured A-list stars such as Morgan Freeman, Robert DuVall, and Tea Leoni.


"The Day the Sky Exploded"

This 1958 Italian disaster movie centers around an atomic rocket booster that inadvertently explodes in space, sending a giant asteroid cluster toward earth. However, all becomes right in the world when every missile on earth is fired, disintegrating the deadly rocks before they are able to destroy the Earth. This film is considered one of the first Italian sci-fi movies and was directed by Paolo Heusch.


"Disaster Movie"

This movie may not have destroyed Earth, but a meteor did crush Hannah Montana. Who ever said that all asteroids are bad?  Additionally, the likes of Carrie Bradshaw, Prince Edward, Hancock, and The Hulk appear in this lackluster 2008 parody film. The only thing that makes this movie worth watching is that it stars the lovely Carmen Electra.


"Night of the Comet"

Not only does the Earth narrowly avoid destruction, this movie involves killer zombies. Furthermore, it was voted number 10 in Bloody Disgusting's Top Ten Doomsday Horror Films in 2009, proving that Zombies and asteroids go together almost as well as zombies and hot chicks.



Starring Sean Connery, this 1979 disaster flick is set during the cold war between Russia and the United States. However, these two superpowers team up and blow up a meteor headed toward the planet, preventing it from destroying the Earth. Just the fact that Sean Connery stars in this epic makes it worth watching. 



"Meteorites" was a made for television movie that came out the same year as "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact." While not one of the more popular asteroid movies that nearly destroyed the Earth, it was a little ironic that during the film a meteor shower takes place during an annual UFO Festival. Oh yeah, there was even a crowning for Miss UFO.