To owe money to gangsters is never a good thing and will mostly lead to your legs being broken or worse. But to owe money to these Asian movie gangsters, you better just kill yourself before the streets run red with your blood. So here are 7 Asian gangsters you don't ever want to owe money to.

Kakihara from Ichi the Killer

With his intersecting face scars, pierced slit mouth, and wild bleached hair, Kakihara is by far the most crazed and vicious modern day cinema yakuza. He gets off on giving pain to others and himself. From pouring hot tempura sauce on a double crossing yakuza to slicing off his own tongue in front of elderly yakuza bosses, this man only looks for the next moment of pain for pleasure. So you better make sure all debts are paid to him and his crew.

Aniki Murakawa from Sontaine 

The expressionless emotion of Japanese actor Beat Takeshi can send a thousand bad ass chills down your cinema spine when he is pissed off. Like Clint Eastwood meets Robert DeNiro, he lets everything boil to the top and then strikes like a cobra to the jugular. Never do you want to cross this man especially as yakuza boss Murkawa in Sontaine, who after gunning down every double crossing gangster in his prefecture decides the most honorable death is his own with a bullet to the head.

Phoenix Testu from Tokyo Drifter

Strolling in with shoulders hunched and too cool for school swagger, Phoenix Testu is like a yakuza boss from a Jack Keueroac novel. A reformed gangster who is trusted back into the cycle of violence after his boss is killed by group of sinister hip rivals. Testu grabs his favorite power blue suit and Walther PPK pistol to seek out his revenge from every bar and wasteland in Tokyo.

Kamimura from A Colt is My Passport

The ice cold cinema hitman of Japan played by Jo Shi while he is a vicious killer for hire, Kamimura is one bad mother when you cross him and when he is double crossed bullets are his only words for speaking in this classic Japanese Nikkata gangster picture from the 60s.

Phil-ho from The City of Violence

A Korean business boss who would cross his own grandmother to make a dollar in a cent. The well groomed and violent tactics that he pulls on his former childhood friends of Seoul will make you want to shove an ice pick in his eye but watch out for that poisonous dagger that lays underneath his Armani sleeve.

Lam Lok from Election

Here is a Triad gangster that will take your whole family out for a nice picnic in the countryside even if your his rival for power. After that watch out, as he'll crush head with a giant rock and in your final breaths make you watch him kill your wife and young child. Best not to run against this slow burning gangster because competition is a bitch in this world.

The Women in the Blonde Wig from Chungking Express

The icy blonde that would make Alfred Hitchcock shutter in his suit, as she will gun down any gangster in the street that won't pay her what is ode. Wong Kar Wai's tribute to the gangster molls of Gena Rowlands and silver screen star Greta Garbo, shows that even the female gangsters have the bigger guns and balls to run with these brute cinema types.