7 Adaptations With Unneeded Changes To The Back Story

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In an attempt to add depth to the Hulk, director Ang Lee messed with his childhood. Making the film equal parts summer action tent pole and a meditation for repressed rage, Lee’s version saw Bruce Banner as the Hulk. His father, David Banner, had experimented with his own DNA and accidentally passed his strange traits on to his son. When David has a falling out with his bosses, he flies into a fit of rage and accidentally kills his wife. His young son bearing witness to everything. These memories are repressed and only come to the surface years later, after Bruce is exposed to the gamma radiation that transforms him into the snarling green behemoth.

The Social Network

The Social Network begins with Mark Zuckerberg being called out by Rooney Mara for being an elitist prick. She dumps him, causing him to storm off to his dormitory and invent Facebook as a means of revenge. He’s highlighted throughout the film as being a lonely douche who women won’t look at sideways until he becomes successful.

However, in truth, Zuckerberg was with his longtime girlfriend at the time of the events depicted in the film. In fact, he’s still with her.

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