7 Adaptations With Unneeded Changes To The Back Story

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X-Men: First Class

When filmmakers put together the story for X-Men: First Class they encountered an immediate issue — there wasn’t a role for Jennifer Lawrence. Well, that simply would not do, so they tweaked Mystique’s back story to make her younger. They also decided to make her Charles Xavier’s tiny home invader/surrogate sister.

This is a departure from the comics as we were never privy to Mystique’s awkward teenage years. Hence her being mysterious and all.


Based on the true story of the MIT team of card counters that took down Vegas, 21 took some creative license with the characters. For one, many members of the original team were Asian. Additionally, in order to sex things up, a male team member was re-imagined to be Kate Bosworth, who would provide the romance arc with the film’s non-Asian lead, Jim Sturgess.

This isn’t to say that the film completely ignored the team’s heritage. They did cast a few Asian actors to help round out the team. Sadly, they were really there to provide nothing more than goofy, comic relief.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

It’s fair to say that G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is a revisionist take on the world of the Joes. Needing to inject some kind of drama beside good guys disliking bad guys, Stephen Sommers‘ script re-imagines a past relationship between Duke and the Baroness (who has since been brainwashed and made to do evil things like melting the Eiffel Tower, which as we all know is Earth’s best tower. Joseph Gordon-Levitt also needed a good reason to show up besides the money, so Cobra Commander was reinvented to be the Baroness’s believed-dead brother.

These connections are far more soap opera than the original comics and cartoon where the only back story you needed to know was that bullets come out of the pointy end. And lasers.

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