7 Adaptations With Unneeded Changes To The Back Story

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Michael Bay ruffled both nerd and non-nerd feathers recently with his decision to turn the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles for the Platinum Dunes remake. There was outrage. Outrage that has now been followed up with aging the turtles up so that they are no longer teen-aged. Bay maintains that it will provide the characters with a rich back story. Given his track record, however, it seems like a lame back story. Let’s also assume that one of the turtles now exclusively speaks in rhyme.

Point being, this switch up in their mythos is wholly unnecessary and will only end as a mess. This is nothing new in the world of movie adaptations. Writers and directors are always providing small, unneeded tweaks to help make the projects stand apart from their earlier iterations. In some cases, it’s even welcomed. But in the case of Ninja Turtles it’s entirely unnecessary. Why not just make a movie about alien ninjas if you want to pervert the name recognition so badly?

Look at the below films and take notes, Mr. Bay, before you put more of your bad touch on the turtles.


Tim Burton took Batman’s arch nemesis The Joker into deeper arch nemesis-y waters with his take on the character in 1989’s Batman. In the film, Batman’s origin stays true to the classic storyline… for the most part. Yes, his parents are killed before his eyes by a mugger when he is just a boy. This sets Bruce Wayne on a path for vengeance, training and developing technologies to take back the streets of Gotham as the Caped Crusader, Batman.

In the original storyline, it’s a thug named Joe Chill who slays the Waynes. However in Burton’s take it is Jack Napier, who will later become The Joker, that pulls the trigger thus creating the Bat.

Spider-Man 3

In order to create the dark Spidey for Spider-Man 3, filmmakers had to do something to bring out Peter Parker’s anger. They chose to draw this rage from the mild-mannered photographer by rewriting the history of the sh*ttiest moment of his life — the murder of his Uncle Ben.

This version of the story sees Flint Marko, the man who becomes Sandman, as the partner to the carjacker who killed Peter’s beloved uncle. This sets Spider-Man on a path for vengeance that places a heavy burden on him when he gives in to his most violent impulses.

Also, the alien symbiote suit arrives to Earth via a meteorite that practically lands in Peter Parker’s picnic basket. Weak.

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