There are numerous actors you probably don't know are not American, because so many foreign actors perfect their American accent. This is because they will get worldwide exposure much more quickly and can become incredibly wealthy, as opposed to acting in other countries. some of these people have disguised their heritage so well that you'd be hard-pressed to find out that any of the seven names on this list aren't America without being told.

Christian Bale.

Almost always playing characters with a real American bravado, Christian Bale is actually Welsh, with a heavy Welsh accent when he's not acting in front of the camera. This might make you watch the Dark Knight films in an entirely different way in the future.

Idris Elba.

The handsome, intimidating star of a number of recent Hollywood films like "The Losers" and the talented bad guy on the HBO television series "The Wire" is not an American thug after all. He's actually British, making him an even better actor than you originally thought.

Keanu Reeves.

Reeves gets a lot of flack for not having any real acting talent, even though he has been in some of the most important Hollywood films of the last 20 years. Yet due to his Canadian roots, he is technically an actor who is not American. Dude!
  Hugh Laurie.

The star of the hit Fox television show "House" Hugh Laurie plays a gruff, American doctor who oozes American pomp. In truth, Hugh Laurie is a Brit, which is shocking after you've watched him for years without knowing this fact.

Anna Paquin.

Oscar winner for her role in "The Piano" and now best known for her starring turn on HBO's vampire series "True Blood," Anna Paquin isn't American either. She is actually Canadian, and her parents now live in New Zealand.
Simon Baker.

The star of CBS's hit show "The Mentalist" pulls off an American accent pretty well as a cocky mind-reader who knows just about everything. However, Baker is actually from Australia.

Johnny Lee Miller.

Despite having a regular role in television shows, Johnny Lee Miller was first known as Sick Boy in the hit Danny Boyle film "Trainspotting." He's as British as they come, just able to play Americans better then most.