7 Actors Overshadowed By Their Breakout Roles

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McNulty deserves better. 

It’s the dream of many actors to land that one breakout role, the role that puts them on everyone’s casting list and springboards them to bigger things. Not all are so lucky though. There are many who were only held back by the popular role they became associated with, and were never able to rise to any notoriety above it. Like me. I’ll never escape the label of World’s Greatest Lover. Damn that coffee mug.

Here are seven examples of actors who couldn’t surpass the earliest successes.

Dominic West

Though The Wire was filled with breakout performances, Dominic West stood head and shoulders above the rest as the deeply-flawed Jimmy McNulty. He was instantly a favorite with viewers (and the ladies), but he’ taken some dicey roles since. For instance, his role in Johnny English Reborn, The Lactating Automaton, and as Jigsaw in Punisher: War Zone. McNulty deserves better! Hopefully John Carter will hel break him out.

Michael Richards

Back in the heyday of Seinfeld, Michael Richards could call you any name he wanted and you’d be rolling on the floor laughing. Then the show ended and his much-hyped starring vehicles Trial and Error and The Michael Richards Show bombed hard. Fast-forward a few years to his infamous comedy club scandal, and his star has all but sunk. If only you guys had gone to see Trial and Error, he would have never been in that club or gotten in that mess.

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