The action movie catch phrase has become as much a staple in a good action movie as machine guns, a high body counts, or the obligatory topless shot. These catch-phrases are usually said by the hero of the film before he reigns terror on the bad guys. While just about every action movie has a catch phrase, only a few truly lead to violence after they are said. 7 of the best ones are listed below.

"Say hello to my l'il friend." This quote from Tony Montana in "Scarface" comes near the end, when Montana is hyped up on cocaine and wielding a hand cannon against an army of Latinos who are taking down his drug empire. It epitomizes the awesome violence in this final action scene.

"Go ahead, make my day." Clint Eastwood stamped his name in movie history with this catch phrase from "Sudden Impact," which is part of his series of "Dirty Harry" movies. It's something only a crusty old action star like Eastwood could really say. He generally blows someone away or beats someone down after he says it.

"Yippee kai yay motherfucker." Perhaps the most often quoted and coolest catch phrase, Bruce Willis says this throughout the "Die Hard" series, usually before the climactic action kill at the end of the movie. Except in the 4th one, which they censored for a PG-13 rating. Motherf--

"This is my boomstick." A little known but incredible quote from "Army of Darkness," Bruce Campbell is talking about his sawed off shotgun which he uses to ward off evil creatures in his greatest role to date. After this is said, it almost always results in some serious violence.

"I'll be back." Ah-nuld's ultimate quote from the "Terminator" franchise. Because we all know that when he comes back, he's going to kill someone. Of course, it's been overused by him and everyone else, especially when it started popping up in his California governor's speeches.

"Hasta La Vista, Baby." Arnold Schwarzenegger is the catch phrase king, which is why he has multiple quotes on this list. This was also from the "Terminator" franchise and was also overused. But it was a line that came right before he pulled the trigger or was about to do something that caused a large explosion.

"I'm Your Huckleberry." One of the favorite catch phrases from the Western "Tombstone," Doc Holliday says this before he uses his gun slinging skills to wipe out bad guys. It still may be one of the most sweetly tough quotes ever said.