If the next world war hit there wouldn’t be enough time to truly celebrate the end of the world even if you ended up restarting civilization in an abandoned party supply store that you named Fort Colossally Awesome so you should avoid the apocalypse as best you can. Grab some stuffed animals or a reasonably plump friend and bond over the nightmare fuel that are these six World War 3 movies you hope never come true.


“The Road”.

The only rose-colored lenses in “The Road” would be ones covered in blood and cannibal scraps. There’s no telepathic dog or well-fed survivors enclave somewhere in the mountains in this film, just a sliver of hope and a figurative ton of despair and horror. The discovery of the cannibals’ larder is a gripping and terrible scene where the choice between what is right and what will allow them to survive has to be made.

“Dr. Strangelove”.

A comedy satire that could easily have become truth with one over zealous soldier on either side, “Dr. Strangelove” is a World War 3 movie you hope against hope that it will never come true. With the plethora of mistakes and misunderstandings, this war movie captures the frightening fallibility behind the creators of nuclear weapons. Krong rides the bomb down having made peace with his death and the death of millions in one damning scene.

“Red Dawn”.

If it’s up to the high school set to free everyone from the tyranny of an occupying force, America might end up waiting a long while. Once the first student to think Call of Duty is all the training he needed to lead everyone loses the top of his head, people might just rethink their combat readiness and scatter. Plus there’s no guarantee that the next high school to lead the revolution would have a decent mascot, for all you know “Chickadees” could be the next rallying battle cry for World War 3. Check out the short but realistic gunfight between an enemy helicopter and a overly optimistic Wolverine.


If you can’t avoid World War 3 then at the very least you do not want it kicked off by a kid who’s found his way into military computers, aliens or a super villain sure but just not a kid barely past puberty. With a computer in full control and the American military dancing for it “WarGames” shows the dangers of removing emotional thinking from the war equation. As a helicopter chases Broderick and Sheedy, this scene reinforces a very important lesson in life: getting chased by the military is the easiest way to impress someone you like.

“Miracle Mile”.

A strange mix of first date and life ending nuclear holocaust, “Miracle Mile” is a World War 3 movie you’d rather not happen. The key to any nuclear attack is enough forewarning so you can gather your friends, load up on food and refreshments and throw a gathering as you watch the world go boom. With this film Harry and Julie and the rest of the world only have an hour or so and even Martha Stewart couldn’t throw a big enough party that quickly so it’s apocalyptic fail. Harry and Julie’s reunion in the elevator lends additional weight to its sense of intimacy as the world has begun to end and they both are still concerned with each other.


Following a town and the preparation for a possible nuclear attack, “Threads” continues on in time as the attack occurs and the survivors are left to deal with the aftermath. Definitely not a World War 3 movie you’d ever want to become reality as it illustrates how many support systems would eventually fail along with a bleak future where food is worth everything and human life isn’t worth much at all. The anxiety as the emergency council realizes they are trapped and will have to rely on themselves to get free is a strong scene, showing that you cannot prepare for everything no matter how hard you try.