Life is rife with coincidences, many of which we as humans aren't even privy to. But sometimes, by what might be called a coincidence itself, we're able to stand far enough back from the situation to witness these coincidences. Here are six of the best ones from the worlds of movies and TV - creepy, right?

"Platoon" / "Apocalypse Now"

In 1979, Martin Sheen starred in Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam epic "Apocalypse Now." Featuring extensive voice over narration, the movie was a popular and critical success, and continues to be an admired film to this day. Seven years later, Oliver Stone made his own Vietnam movie, starring Martin's son Charlie and which also features extensive voice over narration. Coincidence? Or something larger? The rest of these are better, we promise.

"Game of Death" / "The Crow"

This is incredibly creepy: Martial arts legend Bruce Lee died during the filming of his movie "Game of Death." A few years later, the producers of the film tried to patch it together in his absence, partially by concocting a plot in which Bruce Lee's character (a martial arts star) is assassinated by putting real bullets in a gun meant to fire blanks. Twenty years later, Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee dies during the filming of "The Crow" when a gun supposed to fire blanks was accidentally loaded with real bullets.

James Bond / Jason Bourne / Jack Bauer


Call it the case of the JBs - when Ian Flemming created his superspy character James Bond, he chose the most boring name he could think of. But in at least two action-spy characters to follow, the initials "JB" were used again. Is there something subconsciously cool about the initials "JB"? Is it intentional homage? Or COINCIDENCE?

"The Lone Gunmen" / 9-11

The short-lived FOX series "The Lone Gunmen" used conspiracy theories as its bread and butter. And one plotline ended up later being the kind of morsel that drives real-life conspiracy theorists nuts. It involves a cell of terrorists hijacking a jet and attempting to crash it into the World Trade Center. Keep in mind that this was broadcast mere months before the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

"Nosebleed" / 9-11

Here's an almost-coincidence that might not actually be true but it's too good to pass up. It has to do with a movie that was never made, a Jackie Chan action/comedy called "Nosebleed." The movie's plot had to do with Chan as a window-washer at the World Trade Center, and in true Chan fashion a sequence was to be filmed "for real" at the World Trade Center. Here's the creepy part: According to legend, production was scheduled to begin in New York City on the morning of September 11, 2001. Had production not been stopped, Chan would have been clinging to the side of one of the towers when the planes hit! Story like this has to be true.

The "Our Gang" Curse

Hollywood history is full of supposed curses, and one of the saddest is the "Our Gang" curse, so named for the series of "Our Gang" shorts from the 1930s also known as "Little Rascals." The curse comes from the sad fact that many of the members of the "Our Gang" troupe of child actors had untimely deaths before the age of 40. Alfalfa was shot to death, Scotty overdosed on either barbiturates or alcohol, Chubby died of a glandular malady -- and that's just three of the terrible deaths to befall Little Rascals before their time. Coincidence or curse? The world may never know.