6 Ways The Earth Was Destroyed In Movies

Tuesday, November 29 by Frost


Although a plague of hummingbirds ending the world has clearly not been considered, there are still some interesting ways the Earth was destroyed in movies. Maybe you’re tired of the rat race, but even in your apocalyptic fantasies you will end up getting tired of drinking Tang and eating mac n’ cheese. Indulge in semi-harmless cinema to cure your end of days itch and convert your nuclear shelter to an in-ground pool.

Global warming.


“Waterworld” is a nice little sojourn into the old flood mythos just without the need for two of everything. With the majority of the world now submerged, the Earth is flat out destroyed for those of us who aren’t all that great at the back float or doggie paddle. Clean water and fuel are now at a premium and there are plenty of jerks out there trying to take your weird canned “Smeat” away from you. Kevin Costner gets to take on the ultimate kind of villain; the ones on jet skis. Dennis Hopper is pretty amusing and strangely sympathetic as the cult/gang leader.

Flash Ice Age.


“The Day After Tomorrow” offers up the idea of a quick flash freezing of the Earth that is a solid adventure movie that gives a great feeling of a swiftly chilling planet in both the big and small picture. Some decent relationships get put to the test throughout the story, which keeps your interest in the characters running along even if you end up Pro-Wolf near the end.

Everything and the kitchen sink.


Earthquakes, tsunamis and dust storms wreak havoc on Earth but somehow let the script live in “2012”. Featuring a bunch of arks to save humanity’s chosen/wealthy few, this film makes the most devoted conspiracy theorists and end of the world nerds think it’s too crazy to be possible. The race scene to beat the earthquake is the scene to boggle at before they start one upping the goofy factor.

The Earth’s core goes apathetic.

When the core of the Earth decides to stop rotating the world gets treated to massive storms that aren’t human friendly. Any flick that drills into the world but doesn’t feature mole people or Morlochs but does rely on the saving grace of nuclear bombs is going to be an awesome tragic story that needs to be seen. Watch “The Core” to see how the vessel is saved at the end and marvel at mankind’s best friend: the whale.



An electromagnetic pulse, engineered diseases and some city destruction plague the Earth, as humanity can no longer hear the sweet dulcet tones of their cell phones. “The Postman” is a good look at the conflict between survival and civilization in a world where morals and laws are up for personal interpretation. Perk your ears and eyes up to catch the cameo of a certain musician in a nice self-deprecating role.

Mean aliens.


Earth has become an extraterrestrial punching ground in the action film “Independence Day”. The scene where Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum team up to deliver a computer virus along with a nuclear bomb actually makes you root for the aliens. Sure, Earth would be destroyed, but at least there wouldn’t be any more buddy-buddy films that make you want to smash your friendship bead bracelet from the '80s.

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