When two twin movies are so similar that they could almost pass as the same film, viewers might as well save their money and just watch one. These films cover the same plot and some even contain the similar character roles. These twin flicks are so predictable. Beginning with a little deep end of the world buzz food and a side dish of death.


"Armageddon" before "Deep Impact" 

Same ending. If FX had a line-up for rock night, these two flicks would be on that roster. Everyone likes a good slow end of the world explosion every now and then, but watching these two in a row just might be a huge asteroid and comet turn off. "Armageddon" prevails because the cast keeps the plot moving. The only thing moving in "Deep Impact" is either cars leaving. Like two sides of a coin, with one side shinier than the other, it is what it is - the same coin. Earth is under attack by incoming stones and scientists scramble to save the world.


"2012" before "Day After Tomorrow"

There's no water shortage in this double-feature. Another common denominator in this post wave-ageddon waterlogged flick points to overpopulation. At the end of both films the survivors force themselves, or are forced, to live with strangers. Safe to say, these two drowning city movies are not exact twin in nature but most of the people die from a monster wave of water, which, in my book spells one thing - learn how to swim!


"Signs" before "War of the Worlds"

Alien invasion is no laughing matter in these flicks. Sure, there are some differences in both films but when it comes down to it, the aliens want to destroy humans any way they can. Signs has two children and War of the Worlds has two children. The mother in both movies is either never there or rarely even seen. Both movies contain a messed up guy. One drunk and another who evidently can't drive at night along a country road. Aliens are ugly in these twin films and they both were overpriced at the theaters as well.


"Volcano" before "Dante's Peak"

Different director, same volcano threat. Erupting volcanoes happen, especially in these two movies. Even though they do not end the world as we know it, they produce the same hotties. Volcanoes dripping melting anything in the path. Both were released during the same year of 1997.


"Killer Comet" vs. "Comet Impact"

"Killer Comet" over easy, "Comet Impact" hard to follow. Remember Haley's Comet? After these twins, one may wish to see Haley's Comet again! Both about a comet, a killer comet.


"Alien" vs. "Aliens"

Guess which one wins - "Alien". There's something about "Alien" one and two. This is one of those moments when the first release is way better at performance than all the others which followed. Unless we're talking about mother meeting alien scene from another "Alien" film(s).