Ah mothers, can't live with them can't live without the... oh wait, you literally wouldn't be alive without one. We are only given one mother and depending on the kind of upbringing you have had either she was the key to your success or the reason for your downfall. Yet there are some people who truly benefit from a heinous upbringing as it shapes them into the person that they become whilst others fail to leave the warm embrace of their mothers bosom and become soft and pathetic individuals who wouldn't know what they real world was even if it came up and slapped them in the face. Tiger Moms, as they are affectionately called, have plagued movies for years and those who have performed in these roles often do so with so much menace that they scare the bejesus out of any one who has been breast fed. Here is a list of six Tiger Moms from the movies.

Alice Ward, "The Fighter"

Alice clearly loves each of her children dearly yet she just wants to make a little bit of money for her self in the process. Mickey Ward is a professional boxer whose family cause him more chaos than the ring could ever dream of, his brother and coach Dickie is a heroin addict/coach and Alice attempts to keep the family together in the face of the blossoming romance between Mickey and Amy Adams Charlene. You see she really does care about her family but she isn't scared to punch them square in the face too. The best kind of mother if you ask me.

Lorraine McFly, "Back To The Future."

Now even though Lea Thompson only acts as an older incarnation of Lorraine McFly for approximately 5 minutes of this 1985 masterpiece it's easy to see that she is a bit of an overbearing mother with each of her children still living at home and possessing pitiful jobs. And then of course she becomes attracted to her own son once he is transported back to the 1955 a little too easily. 

Monica Swinton, "A.I."

With her own son Martin placed in suspended animation until a cure for his rare disease can be found, the Swinton's decided that the normal course of action is too replace their son with a robotic sibling named David. They begin to get along but when Martin returns to the fray a rivalry soon develops and the mother and father decide to simply throw David away. Don't ever shout at your Mum for sending you to bed without supper again.

Mandy Cohen, "The Life Of Brian."

Poor old Brian, he could of been so great but of course when the child born closest to you is Jesus you are never going to look good in comparison are you. Mandy is an ever present in Brian's life and continues to insult and hurtle abuse at him without ever helping her son when he is in distress. Brian was never going to win though, especially when he has thousands of people asking him for direction and all she has to say is, "he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy."

Norma Bates, "Psycho."

Of course it is impossible to know whether Norma Bates truly was a horrific parent. But from the evidence supplied to us in Alfred Hitchcock's seminal masterpiece it's probably a good bet that her pressure-packed parenting style was at the root of Norman's horrible spiral into psychotic murder and delusions.

Beth Jarrett, "Ordinary People."

Mary Tyler Moore, through her television series, had established herself as that slice of Americana which makes everyone believe that everything is going to be OK. But in 1980's "Ordinary People" she shifts this perception completely by appearing as an upper-middle-class wife and mother who attempts to maintain the appearance of a perfect family. The result? One suicidal son and another who dies in a boating accident. Poor woman.