War has been a popular movie subject since movies began. Soldiers and sailors of all stripes have been shown on the screen, but the secretive special forces have always been an audience favorite. With the recently released "Act of Valor" opening to wide public appeal, despite (or perhaps because of) the military's strong involvement in the film, special forces films are still successful on the big screen. Check out these six special forces movies you didn't hear coming.

"The Green Berets" (1968)

When John Wayne set out to make this Vietnam film, he encountered obstacles everywhere. The script was seen as too pro-war when most people wanted to denounce it. Starring Wayne, George Takei and David Janssen, "The Green Berets" follows a group of special forces soldiers trying to save the world, or at least their part of it. Wayne was able to get full cooperation from the military for the making of the film, and it often gets noted for accuracy.

"Navy SEALs" (1990)

Long before he wore a bowling shirt and picked on Duckie, Charlie Sheen starred in an amazing war movie called "Platoon" that displayed the horrors and heroics the military had to endure on a daily basis. He also starred in this movie, a popcorn action flick named after the Navy's elitist. Critics seem to loathe this film, but it was a box office success and enough people bought it on DVD to give it a Blu-Ray re-release.

"Black Hawk Down" (2001)

When Ridley Scott released "Black Hawk Down", the world shook a little bit. The gritty, violent and hyper-realistic masterpiece not only boasted the elite Delta Force as its protagonists, but it showed them losing. "Black Hawk Down" is a film with a divided legacy: it is unclear whether the film is pro war or anti-war, but it did a lot to raise the American conscious about the horrors our heroes face abroad.

"The Delta Force" (1986)

This isn't just any Delta Force, this is "The Delta Force", Lee Marvin's last film and one of Chuck Norris's greatest. In a world completely bored with Chuck Norris memes about how great he is, an actual Chuck Norris film can seem like a joke. This film is panned more because of Norris's legacy than actual quality. It's a fast and emotional action movie, and it's one of the best 80s films showcasing a special forces unit.

"Sniper" (1993)

"Sniper" is most famous for its depiction of a U.S. Marine sniper shooting an enemy sniper through the scope, a feat pulled off in real life by Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock. The scene has been talked about endlessly, and the "Mythbusters" even did a segment on it (confirmed). Beyond that scene, "Sniper" is a different kind of special forces movie, more thriller than action (although there is plenty of that).

"Who Dares Wins" (1982)

Despite the respect they're given in Hollywood films, the British Special Air Service (SAS) is rarely the focus of British films. One of the better exceptions is "Who Dares Wins", once panned as a right-wing propaganda film, but now old enough to enjoy for the fun that it is. There's good acting, fun explosions and lots of gunfire. For what more could one ask in a special forces movie?