The greatest shark movie ever made is the Spielberg classic "Jaws," which redefined the way we swim in the ocean and look at sharks in general. No one is debating that. However, a whole sub-genre of shark films have come up that have played off the public's fascination with sharks and our fear of them. Check out six of these shark movies listed below that would love to be like "Jaws," but never will be. That's okay, there can only be one "Greatest of All Time" anyway, right?

1. "Deep Blue Sea."

Very Hollywood, completely implausible but a lot of fun, "Deep Blue Sea" is one of the best shark movies to come out in the post "Jaws" era, as it has a lot of jumps and thrills that people want when they go to the movies. However, it doesn't hold a candle to the original shark film. Even Samuel L. Jackson couldn't elevate this one to the status of the elite, but the film is definitely better for his inclusion.

2. "A Shark's Tale."

An animated gem from Dreamworks, "A Shark's Tale" plays into the idea that sharks have personalities and feelings too, and shouldn't be feared or hated, as they were after "Jaws" was made. However, the only way to pull this type of story off was to make it animated, so that kids would buy into it, not the adults who know better. Those damn, dirty sharks.

3. "Open Water."

The solid independent film "Open Water" takes a much more low-budget but equally-terrifying approach to the shark horror story, as two scuba divers are left out in the open water by their scuba group. They are of course surrounded by man-eating sharks and high tension horror ensues. While the film may be minimalist, the suspense is anything but.

4. Any other "Jaws" sequels.

As with any successful Hollywood film, "Jaws" spawned quite a few sequels, all of which were worse than the original, some so unspeakably terrible that they qualify for some of the worst movies ever made. Witness the fourth entry in the series, where a shark actually follows Chief Brody's widow down to the Bahamas so it can eat her and her son. Seriously.

5."Megashark versus Giant Octopus."

An outrageous, over-the-top shark movie is meant for shock value over anything else. The movie actually succeeds in small doses by not taking itself too seriously. That doesn't mean that it's not a steaming pile. It's just knows that it's a steaming pile, and wants to have some fun.

6. "12 Days of Terror."

A documentary about sharks that actually fed on people off the coast of America, this story inspired Peter Benchley, the writer or "Jaws," to write the original novel. The documentary is technically where it all began and is very well done. This film also served as the genesis for "Shark Week" and countless "Nova" specials on PBS, so I guess it's not all rose-colored.