In ages past, the high seas were full of mystery, intrigue, and excitement. It stands to reason that some of the best adventure films ever made have taken place on the ocean. This may be because that even today there is still so much we don't know about the ocean. The depths of the seas are largely uncharted, so for all we know there could be all kinds of crazy monsters and maelstroms going on all around us. Hollywood knows that all of this makes for a good movie, and these six sea adventures movies are all classic examples!


The shark movie that defined shark movies and fear when swimming in deep water is one of the greatest sea adventure movies ever made, if not one of the best movies ever made. And only half of the film actually takes place on the open water, as the main three characters go head-to-head against the massive shark at the end. Spielberg did the smart thing here, only showing a little of shark at a time before the big reveal during the latter half of the movie. Knowing that these three men were all alone on the water with a giant monster made everything a lot more tense.

"The Abyss." 

James Cameron's epic film about scientists working in an underwater lab near the Mariana's Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, creates one of he coolest settings for a sea adventure movie ever. The dark blue is as endless and frightening as outer space. Especially at the end, when Ed Harris jumps off the edge of the trench, sinking deep into the unknown. What does he find? Find out for yourself, but here's hint: it's not Atlantis.


One of the greatest box office successes ever in history, James Cameron's "Titanic" tells a love story on the massive ship's first, ill-fated voyage. While the entire story takes place on the ship, at least until it sinks, the adventure that occurs on-board makes it one of the greatest sea adventure movies ever made. Though let's be honest, the ending destruction scene is what makes this film what it is. When the ending of a movie is already a foregone conclusion but people are still holding on to the actor's every word, you know you've done something right as a director.

"Das Boot."

This epic submarine film from Wolfgang Peterson tells the story of Germans on a U-Boat during World War II and the horror and intensity associated with fighting inside a tin can under water. While you rarely see the ocean in this film, it is always present in everyone's minds. Originally a German film, "Das Boot" is widely regarded as one of the best war and adventure films of all time, on the sea or otherwise. Plus, Jurgen Prochnow is totally awesome!

"Crimson Tide."

The second submarine film to make this list is "Crimson Tide," which is the more Hollywood, Americanized version of a sub-drama, about a renegade military commander trying to launch a nuclear weapon. The performances by stars Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington are both stellar, as the drama builds around them. Again, while you rarely see the deep sea, it is always there. The claustrophobic nature of a submarine helps ratchet up the tension.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" 

This Disney blockbuster, based on a ride at Disneyland, became one of the greatest sea adventure movies ever made as it follows the fantastical world of pirates and mythical creatures that colonial era soldiers believed lived in the expanse of the ocean. For this "Pirates of the Caribbean" film, and all the others in the franchise, these myths became a fantastic reality. The ocean itself becomes a character, complete with its own undersea beasts and baddies.