Rehab movies are designed to warn people about the dangers of substance abuse. The highs and lows of the characters consuming these substances help to educate and enlighten audiences. The stories can ultimately be uplifting, but in order to truly inform people, filmmakers often end up depicting drug abuse as a horrible and arduous disease. They litter their films with many gritty and disgusting scenes to fully show off the horrors of abuse. Keeping with that theme, these six rehab movies will leave people fearing drugs and contemplating a life of abstinence.

"28 Days." Sandra Bullock's Gwen Cummings ruins her sister's wedding by destroying the cake and crashing a limo. When she is given the choice between jail or 28 days in a rehab center, she picks the latter. It is inside this facility that she meets a 17 year old drug addict whose actions make her realize that she needs to come to terms with her addictions. Her road to recovery begins and the very real and heartbreaking scenes that involve other addicts are enough to put you off any drug.

"Trainspotting." Ewan McGregor and his Scottish companions shot to prominence in Danny Boyle's scintillating drama. Showing off both the highs and lows that drug addicts go through, the most shocking and disturbing scenes are Renton's attempt at a detox and the reveal of Dawn's death.

"Acts Of Worship." This 2001 drama is full of heartbreaking conflict that arises from Alix's battle with heroin and cocaine addiction. She is thrown out of her apartment by her boyfriend, becoming homeless before falling in with some more drug addicts. The film truly shows off the cycle of addiction and how easy it is to fall back in to the perils of drug abuse.

 "Basketball Diaries." A early and defining performance by Leonardo DiCaprio helps to show how easy it is to get caught up in the strife of addiction. As heroin takes over DiCaprio's life his basketball dreams begin to disappear. The toil that his drug abuse takes on him and his family is shown in an honest and candid light that doesn't pull any punches.

 "Traffic." Steven Soderbergh's eclectic ensemble piece paints a clear picture of the vast influence drug addiction has on peoples lives. It ranges from the appointment of a new drug kingpin, America's attempt to combat the war on drugs, and a teenage girls descent into drug addiction. The film's epic scale doesn't allow each story to develop as fully as they could, but they are all perfect examples of the effects drugs can have on anyone's life.

 "Clean & Sober." Michael Keaton took time out from his busy mid-'80s comedy schedule to make a movie with a little more substance. The movie interestingly depicts drug abuse, and seeing Keaton portray an addict is interesting in and of itself.