There was a period in the mid '00s whenever single rapper who could grip a microphone looked to become an actor. There were a few that excelled in the role whilst others failed to shine quite as much. But they could always rely on their innate skills at waxing lyrical in a rap battle when the time came. Here are 6 movie rap battle scenes that you don’t have to be a hip-hop fan to love.

“Scary Movie 3”


Anna Faris reprised her role for the third time in the franchise and had a surprise guest star waiting for her on set, Simon Cowell. Asked to judge a rap battle in an underground hip-hop club he voices his opinion before being shot to his death. Fat Joe then does battle against the rapper George, who is doing respectfully up until his hoodie starts to resemble a KKK outfit.

“8 Mile”


The movie that brought rap battling to a mainstream audience, Eminem’s B-Rabbit can only truly express himself when he takes to the stage and battles against his fellow M-Cs. His most glorious moment comes when he defeats Anthony Mackie’s Papa Doc.

“Hustle and Flow”


DJay is a pimp and a drug dealer who begins to express himself musical with his friend Shelby and Key. Proving adept at writing lyrics he starts to create songs but faces many obstacles and while the film may not technically possess a rap battle scene, watching the creation of his music is incredibly insightful.



The emotional biography of Biggie Smalls may not have been received with many glowing reviews but it did provide us with a genuine look at the rapper’s progress into becoming a bona fide hip hop star. With his rap battle victories at the beginning of his career showing off the prestigious talent that would only grow and grow until he was shot down in his prime. 

“Biggie and Tupac”


Nick Broomfield’s documentary saw the director watch hours and hours of footage as he looked to find the real reasons behind the two rap stars deaths. In doing so though Broomfield shows us a wealth of footage that depicts the Biggie and Tupac at the height of their powers and reigning victorious in numerous rap battles 

“Dave Chappelle’s Block Party”


Brooklyn block parties have become the stuff of legend and Dave Chappelle and Michael Gondry’s documentary takes an honest look at the creation of these events and what is involved in them, with Chappelle’s waiter rap being a particular highlight.