Everyone has memorable moments of their prom. Some are good memories, while others sit with us like bad cabbage. Over the years there have been movies about proms that ended very memorably. Below are 6 prom movies that are infinitely better than your own prom.


"Pretty in Pink"

"Pretty in Pink" is a 1986 classic about a young working class girl, Andie (Molly Ringwald), who is in love with popular, preppy Blaine McDonough (Andrew McCarthey). Throw in crazy friend Duckie (Jon Cryer), and what you have is a teenage love triangle. Duckie wants Andie, but Andie wants Blane. Blane wants Andie but social pressures force him to back off. Don't worry, like many teen movies, everything works out on prom night


"American Pie"

Another prom movie classic. "American Pie" is about a group of high school teenagers who make a pact that they will all have lose their virginity before school's over. And since it's a well known fact that most girls put out on prom night, they do everything than can to ensure they have a date. The prom ended well for most except, of course, for one kid (Owen) who ended up pissing himself in front of the entire senior class.



Ren McCormick (Kevin Bacon) is a teenager who moves from Chicago to a small mid-western town to live with his mother. Unfortunately with the guidance of  overbearing reverend Shaw Moore, the city counsel passed a law forbidding dancing and rock music. McCormick ends up falling in love with the reverend's daughter, and together try to reverse the city counsel's decision. After failing to convince the counsel, Moore ends up having a change of heart, resulting in students dancing to rock music at their senior prom. 


"Napoleon Dynamite"

"Napoleon Dynamite" is not only one of the best cult classic comedies of all time, but it has a killer prom scene where everyone's favorite loser is slow dancing with his best friend Pedro's date. The awkwardness is great, with the ugly outfits and Dynamite working the same dance moves he performed during Pedro's campaign for class president.  



How many teenage girls wish to attend their proms with a vampire as their date? My guess is not many. Somehow an average looking high school chick with a less-than-average personality catches the attention of the hottest vampire in town. After surviving killer vampires and crazy werewolves, the two end up going to the prom together, where they are being stalked by Victoria, another psycho (yet extremely hot!) vampire. While this movie ended up better than most proms, it could have been better had Bella, Edward, and Victoria got it on together!


"She's All That"

Another classic prom movie, the 1999 comedy "She's All That" features Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. After losing his girlfriend, Zach Siler (Prinze) claims that his former girlfriend can be replaced which leads him to make a bet with his best friend that he can make any girl in school prom queen. They agree on a quiet, unpopular art student (Cook) who Siler ends up falling in love with.