6 Professions That Are Ridiculously Overused By Romantic Comedies

Friday, November 4 by


Offenders: What Women Want, Valentine’s Day, Boomerang, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Advertising is the quintessential balance between a corporate and creative career. The only other profession that comes close in the world of romantic comedies is architect. An advertising exec can wow clients with a great ad campaign, all the while wearing a well-tailored suit.

Additionally, watching an ad exec pitch a campaign or an ad to a client is almost always more watchable than watching any other career in action. Never mind that this interaction constitutes only about 1% of a ad man’s time. In films, they simply hop from one meeting to the next, pitching and winning, pitching and winning.

Generic Businesswoman/Man

Offenders: I Don’t Know How She Does It, Management, Whipped, The Sweetest Thing, Two Weeks Notice

Perhaps the worst offense rom-coms commit when it comes to the careers of their characters is “business.” Businessmen and businesswomen are depicted so plainly that it’s almost laughable. Everything is filing, emails, accounts, and dividends. As mentioned before, the point of a romantic comedy is to smother you with the familiar and the comfortable. Teaching the audience what a market maker or arbitrage expert does isn’t in the cards. Just make them very busy, give them a briefcase and a blackberry, and never let the character shut up about “presentations.”

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