6 People Who Feuded With Donald Trump And Lived To Tell The Tale

Monday, March 5 by

Mark Cuban

Apropos of Mark Cuban’s reality TV show The Benefactor, Donald Trump felt as though the billionaire Mavs owner was closing in on his territory, so he lashed out, calling the show an Apprentice rip-off and proclaiming that Cuban’s venture had no chance of doing as well as The Apprentice. You know, because The Apprentice is such a good show.

Three years later, in 2007, Trump called former CBS anchor Dan Rather a “loser,” which is funny, because Dan Rather has seemed to accomplish quite a bit for being such a “loser.” Mark Cuban, who had hired Rather for his HDNet channel, came to Rather’s defense, saying: “Donald Trump is a first-class idiot!…Nothing … that comes out of his mouth has any validity or any value.”

Trump responded by brushing his hair for thirty minutes in front of a mirror made out of gold. Probably.

Ron Paul

The dark horse Presidential candidate (Paul, not Trump) was written off by the billionaire as having “zero chance” of winning the election, and that all he really had going for him was that he was “cutesy” with “nice little slogans.”

That sorta sounds like a compliment. I wouldn’t mind if Donald Trump called me “cutesy,” but I’m not a presidential candidate, so I can see where it could come across as a little condescending.

All this vitriol seems to have stemmed from the fact that Paul was the one candidate that didn’t fly to New York to eat a public meal with Donald Trump. Because you can’t be president if you don’t eat with The Donald.

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