6 People Who Feuded With Donald Trump And Lived To Tell The Tale

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Donald really needs to learn to be more discreet when the woman across from his is breastfeeding.  

It would be wrong to call Donald Trump “polarizing,” because nobody will actually admit to liking him, or even taking him seriously. So I guess the right word would be “loathed” or “reviled.” Regardless of the word choice, it’s hard to argue that Donald hasn’t left a wake of destruction behind him as he mouths off during high-profile feuds with anyone who dares cross him. Most recently, as you’ll read below, he’s traded blows with conservative pundit George Will for expressing an opinion that The Donald didn’t agree with. No sir. Not one bit.

A couple things to glean from Donald in fight mode: He thinks many of his enemies are “losers,” he can’t be expected to take the high road in any fight, and if you don’t have a public lunch with him, he will NOT endorse you for president. Something to think about.

Barack Obama

As we are all painfully aware, Donald Trump predicated his limping 2011 presidential campaign by setting his sites squarely on Barack Obama and his “missing” birth certificate. Trump was so curious as to the contents of the certificate that Obama refused to share he even hired a team to “track down” the document.

When Obama reluctantly produced the certificate, everything appeared to be in order, but the president reminded America, “We’re not gonna be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”

Trump then responded to this bit of reason by launching a campaign into how a “terrible student” like Obama got into such prestigious schools.

To be (painfully) continued…

George Will

"Where the tight pussy at?"

More recently (like, a few hours ago), Donald Trump leveled his sights on conservative pundit George Will, who suggested that the Republican party should focus their efforts not on winning the presidency, which he thinks isn’t realistic, but maintaining control of the House and winning control of the Senate.

Trump comes across like a sports columnist, harping on how “overrated” Will is, then making fun of his appearance, which is a big stone to throw in Trump’s glass house. Here is Trump’s quote:

“I think he’s a totally overrated fool. I think this guy is so overrated. I don’t think he’s really smart, he looks smart with the little glasses and hair swept to the side,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.” “That was one of the dumbest [comments]. … I think he’s a totally overrated pundit.”

So you’re saying you think he’s overrated?

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