So you're thinking about getting a parasite. It's no mystery why-the relationship between parasite and host is one of the most intimate and wonderful in the whole world. Just take a look at these 6 parasite movies for proof. They show how important a good parasite/host connection really is, and maybe even give you a few pointers on getting and maintaining a strong connection with your parasite.



Some people are reluctant to enter into a parasitic partnership for fear that their new parasite friend will eventually kill them. As the movie "Alien" shows, these fears are completely justified. But have you stopped to consider that it might be worth it? John Hurt was just another actor before his parasite burst out of his chest, ruining dinner for everyone on the spaceship. Now he's an icon. Think about it.


"The Thing"

Here's a parasite that makes the one in "Alien" seem like a vaguely annoying distant relative. The titular Thing is also an alien from outer space, but one that loves humans so much that it can't help but take their shape, voice, and memories after ripping them apart. The eventual goal is the replication of the entire human race, but luckily (?) it's got to get through Kurt Russell and Keith David first. Not everyone is on board with the appeal of the parasite.



One advantage to having an alien parasite inside of you is this: At least you know you're not crazy. The same cannot be said for Michael Shannon's character in "Bug," who may or may not be riddled with government parasites and surveillance devices, and pursued by government-constructed humanoid robots in the form of vaguely creepy doctors. Or, on the other hand, he might just have the parasite in his brain known as "schizophrenia." The world, and Ashley Judd, may never know.


"Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

Yet another space-born parasite that wants to take over humanity through cellular replication. The body-snatching pod people are the kind of parasites that allow you to fall asleep and "wake up into an untroubled world." Sounds pretty good, right? See, we told you parasites have their positive points.


"The Tingler"

Most of the parasites you see in movies are dug into the human body so deep that if you decide you don't want a parasite after all it's usually too late. But the Tingler in "The Tingler" is a little bit different. It's a weird little reptillian creature that wraps itself around your spinal cord whenever you get scared (it's responsible for the tingling up your spine, get it?), but all you have to do to get rid of it is scream. But if you can't scream, like the poor deaf mute in the movie....well, uh oh.



Like we said before, it's hard to get rid of most parasites once they decide to move in. Hard-but not impossible. Take arguably the best part of Ridley Scott's "Prometheus," the sort-of prequel to his earlier classic "Alien." In it, Noomi Rapace's character has been unwittingly infected by a hostile parasite. Luckily, the space ship Prometheus is equipped with an automatic surgery machine that can cut it out and stitch her back up. Quick, easy, and almost painless!