Sure, “Vampire Diaries“ has a few hot vampires and the odd sexy werewolf or two, but it‘s the soap of sci-fi or fantasy shows. Truth is, the show is more about love and lust than about the paranormal. Many other paranormal TV shows put “Vampire Diaries” to shame.





If you ever wondered what Katherine Heigl was up to before she decided to derail the plot of "Grey’s Anatomy" by jumping ship, she was a pretty interesting character on “Roswell”. Isabel Stevens is an alien who hatched out of a pod decades after her spaceship crashed on Earth. It turns out that she’s the queen of another planet along with her brother, Max, who’s king. Even as a TV show a decade old, the story still beats “Vampire Diaries” in originality, humor and character development.


"The X Files"


Another 90's hit show, "The X-Files" came around at a time when the world was rife with alien conspiracy theories. Although we seem to have gotten bored with the mystery surrounding extraterrestrial beings (was it too many anti-climatic M. Night Shyamalan movies?), "The X Files" is one of those shows you can really sink your teeth into if you want to get back into the 90's groove.


"Buffy The Vampire Slayer"



If you like your vampire stories revolving around girls who are badass and take care of themselves instead of girls who are always whimpering, whining and pining for the love of their vampire paramours, you'll love his show. Trained to rid the world of evil, Buffy moves to Sunnydale after setting her last school's gym on fire. Unfortunately the new town is hotter than the sun itself - it's actually sitting on top of a portal to hell. This opens the door for evil beings to enter the world Buffy and her friends live in.


"True Blood"


Raised to fend for herself, Sookie works as a waitress and has a paranormal ability of her own - she can read minds. Although pasty vampire Edward Cullen in "Twilight" has the same ability, the conversations he overhears are never as interesting as the ones that stream their way into Sookie's head. Also, this petite blonde waitress has a feisty southern accent and isn't afraid of adventure, courage that comes in handy when she's maneuvering her way through the world of supernatural beings.




"Heroes" is one of those shows that are addicting right from the start because the plot has been woven like an intricate web. Nothing is a coincidence, so every character, every piece of dialogue, and every scene could come back several episodes or seasons later as a clue you may have previously missed. If you like your supernatural shows like tightly wound puzzle pieces, you'll love "Heroes." .