Marriage is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. You look deep into your partners eyes and confess your love, surrounded by hundreds of people who have watched your relationship grow and blossom to the point that you are happy enough to spend the rest of your lives together. But what if that woman turns out to be...less-than-pleasant? Cinema has provided us with some of the greatest examples of abusive and terrible spouses whose mere existence infuriates their other halves. However, sometimes their antics are so perverse and horrible that they make you lose your entire faith in the opposite sex. Here are six of the worst wives to have ever appeared in celluloid history.

Ginger McKenna, "Casino."

Sharon Stone's antics throughout Martin Scorsese's gangster epic are a disgrace to womanhood. She sleeps with her husband's friends, abuses pills and alcohol, and steals money from her husband to give to her old pimp. Her worst moment? Tying her own daughter to her bed so that she could go out to a Las Vegas club.

Jenny Gump, "Forrest Gump."

The naive and innocent Forrest appreciates the care and affection that Jenny thrusts toward him. However, she continually floats in and out of his life for years before finally settling down with him, but only because he has made millions of dollars and she has fathered a child. Then she dies. Selfish much?

Debbie, "Knocked Up."

Leslie Mann's portrayal of a selfish wife in "Knocked Up" even manages to make Paul Rudd look like a bit of a prick. Her constant moaning and nagging ostracizes Seth Rogen's, Ben but she starts to become a tad more likeable as the film progresses. She even manages to give the happy new couple her seal of approval.

Diana Murphy, "Indecent Proposal."

Robert Redford is a dreamy dish. His good looks are enough to make even the most heterosexual man in the world consider his options. But Demi Moore in "Indecent Proposal" is a married woman, and even though she is paid a million dollars to do so, getting it on with Sundance should never have been an option for her. But she toed the line of prostitution and gave serious consideration to Redford's offer, making her a pretty poor wife in the process.

Jane Smith, "Mr & Mrs Smith."

We have all had arguments with a loved one that have been so passionate and filled with hate that you have ended up wishing death upon them. But consider yourself lucky that you weren't married to Jane Smith, otherwise she would have unleashed a torrent of abuse and ass-kicking that would probably see you end up in a coffin.

Conner Sumner, "Unfaithful."

Diane Lane starts a passionate affair with Olivier Martinez that breaks Richard Gere's heart in Adrian Lyne's 2002 movie, but their actions soon become more and more sinister, finally ending in murder. A pretty bad wife if you ask me.