Horror movies are supposed to have scary sequences in them, but have you ever seen a non-scary movie that ended up scaring the hell out of you? These six "fish out of water" scary scenes from non-scary movies might do the trick. Check them out...if you dare! Mwa ha ha...sorry.

Chinese justice, "The Cat's-Paw"

Harold Lloyd should be a familiar name to anyone interested in this topic, since his trademark is death-defying stunts in his slapstick comedies. But this scene doesn't fall into that category: It's just straight-up disturbing, made all the more so by the sweet, Capra-esque romantic comedy that surrounds it. Lloyd plays a hayseed missionary raised in China, who comes to America and becomes involved in a corrupt political machine. But he turns out not to be the naive sap he appears, and after winning a mayoral election he rounds up all the criminals in the city and subjects them to a brutal form of Chinese justice. It's incredibly shocking and out-of-nowhere, making this movie required viewing for fans of scary scenes in non-scary movies.

Bulging-eyed murder victim, "Touch of Evil"

"Touch of Evil" was never going to be a typical noir, but it never quite edges into horror territory, with the exception of one scene featuring future-scary-movie-icon Janet Leigh. Akim Tamiroff gets strangled by Orson Welles while a drugged Janet Leigh sleeps in the same room. When she wakes up, she sees Tamiroff, eyes grotesquely bulging out of his skull, lit by a flashing neon sign. It's genuinely terrifying.

Frank slaughters a family, "Once Upon A Time in the West"


Henry Fonda's character in "Once Upon A Time in the West," Frank, is supposed to be the embodiment of evil. This is handily achieved very early in the film, as Fonda guns down an entire family in cold blood, children included. When the camera slowly pans up to Fonda's piercing blue eyes, the audience forgets everything they know about Henry Fonda and instead see only Frank. And Frank is not a nice man.

Coke bottle smash, "The Long Goodbye"

Robert Altman's spin on the detective picture is mostly all in good fun, with Elliot Gould wisecracking his way through a convoluted Raymond Chandler mystery yarn. But one moment has the power to chill blood-the villain of the picture calmly approaches his girlfriend, talking about how much he loves her. Then, out of nowhere, he smashes her in the face with a glass Coke bottle, all to prove a point to Gould about how dangerous he is. It's scarier than most horror movies, and it only lasts a couple minutes.

Chainsaw scene, "Scarface"

Brian De Palma is known for his scenes of gory carnage, and he delivers the goods in his crime drama "Scarface" as well. Tony Montana and an associate have run afoul of some Columbians, and they prove they mean business by chopping the guy up with a chainsaw while Tony watches. As life goes on as normal outside, an extremely disturbing and bloody murder takes place inside a hotel bathroom. Yikes.

The boat ride, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"


Probably the most famous example of a scary scene in an otherwise non-scary movie, Gene Wilder earned himself a place in nightmares everywhere for this scene of psychedelic horror. The fact that it comes from a kids' movie makes it even scarier, especially if you were (un)lucky enough to see it as a kid. This scene may have been the genesis of all of those "Willy Wonka is a metaphor for Satan" discussions.