6 Of The Raunchiest German Sex Scenes Of All Time

Wednesday, July 11 by Tony Dayton

Germans are well known for their beautiful actresses who are not afraid to bare all. And few of them stop there, as many are not afraid to partake in films that feature raunchy sex scenes. Below are six of the raunchiest and hottest German sex scenes of all-time.

Das unbezähmbare Herz

Starring the lovely Bettina Zimmermann, “Das unbezahmbare Herz” is a German mini-series that takes place in 18th century France. At the end of the movie, Zimmerman finally finds her true love when she meets and mounts Jean Baptiste of Savigny. The sex scene takes place on a lovely Victorian style bed where Zimmermann’s beautiful breasts are in full view.

Love Camp

Starring the lovely Laura Gemser, “Love Camp” is about a young woman who joins a sex cult. While this 1981 German drama features many raunchy love scenes, the winner is the scene between her and fellow actress Simone Brahmann. In this lesbian scene, Laura’s idea of foreplay is grabbing a fistful of Simone’s hair before forcefully kissing her.


Probably the sexiest, raunchiest scene that never happened occurred in the German film, “Schule.” Starring Jasmine Schwiers and Daniel Bruhl, “Schule” features a scene where Jasmine and Daniel sneak off to an empty building where they begin to have foreplay on a set of stairs. After Daniel removes a pair of Jasmine’s sexy black underwear and is ready for penetration, Jasmine has second thoughts.

Hotel Desire

Featuring the lovely Saralisa Volm, “Hotel Desire” has a sex scene that is so raunchy that is is featured on many internet porn sites. This sexy film features a scene where Volm pulls a condom out of a drawer and places it on her lover. From there the sex is nonstop as Saralisa’s beautiful nude body is in full view.

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