6 Of the Most Intense Japanese Sex Scenes In Movie History

Monday, July 9 by Tony Dayton

Japanese Sex

Japanese women are some of the sexiest creatures in existence; therefore, it has been a pleasure to research six of the most intense Japanese sex scenes in movie history. Blessed with an exotic beauty, Japanese women tend to steal the show when performing in sex scenes. Additionally, the women in the below movies take their work seriously, as they radiate with sexuality.



Tsumugi” is on this list simply because it features the lovely Sora Aoi. The movie centers around a young girl who becomes infatuated with her teacher. She ends up seducing her teacher who in turn ends up falling for her. One hot sex scene features the lovely Aoi tied up on the beach while her lover has sex with her.


“In the Realm of the Senses”

Based on a true story in pre-war Japan, “In the Realm of the Senses” is one of Japan’s most sexually intense movies of all-time. Directed by Nagisa Oshima, this 1976 erotic film features several sex scenes, however the scene that is considered one of the most intense is when two young female voyeurs watch a couple have sex. The sex is so real, that at times it appears their is actual penetration.


“A Snake of June”

This 2002 Japanese thriller features one of the most intense sex scenes. Directed by Shin’ya Tsukamoto, the scene features the lovely Asuka Kurowsawa pleasuring herself with a vibrator in the middle of an alley in the pouring rain. While doing so, she is being watched by her husband and another man.



What is more intense than sex between two women? Nothing. “Manji,” directed by Yasuzo Masumura, is about a bored housewife (Sonoko) who meets a beautiful woman (Mitsuko). One of hottest scenes in Japanese movie history is when Sonoko passionately tears off the sheet covering Mitsuko’s body and embraces and caresses her beautiful curves.


“Woman in the Dunes”

“Woman in the Dunes” is another sensual film that features a scene that is considered one of the most intense Japanese sex scenes. Directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara, the sex scene starts out rather innocently when an entomologist begins to help a sexy widow wipe sand from her body. It does not take long before they are both turned on, resulting in an intense romp in the sand.



There have been many sex scenes involving food, but not many have been done as well as this 1985 Japanese comedy. Directed by Juzo Itami, “Tampopo” features a sex scene between two young lovers who enjoy passing food between their mouths while doing the deed.