It is impossible not to be infatuated by sex symbols. They are plastered around every possible media outlet available to the point that we can't walk around our homes, works and pubs and not see these people. However their attractiveness often means that looking at these people it is not always a bad thing and throughout time we have been inundated with actors and actresses who defined eras with their faces. Greta Garbo and Cary Grant in the 1930s, Marlene Dietrich and Jimmy Stewart in the 1940s and Marilyn Monroe and James Dean in the 50s have each done this but which sex icons have emerged since the noughties, er, Nineties? Here is a list of the six most influential sex icons of the 2000s.

Jennifer Lopez

The curvy latina beauty was born in the Bronx in 1969 most likely with an ass that probably caused her mother an even extra ounce of pain. Performances in "The Cell," "Angel Eyes" and "Maid In Manhattan" were accompanied by countless photo spreads and number one singles as well as her famous relationship with Puff Daddy each of which made her tabloid fodder. However with the sudden failure of "Gigli" and "Jersey Girl" and her failed romance with Ben Affleck turned her into public enemy number one, but one with an absolutely bodacious ass.

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston's nemesis has established herself as one of the most beautiful women in the world over the last decade. Performances in "Gone in Sixty Seconds" and "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" helped propel her into the publics attention at the start of the new millennium and her escapades with her "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-star helped to cement her reputation as a mysterious and alluring beauty.

Ryan Gosling

Despite only truly making his presence felt over the last 12 months with performances in "Ides Of March" and "Drive" Gosling has been steadily performing over the last 12 years and has slowly made himself one of the most iconic actors in the world. It was his portrayal in 2004's "The Notebook" which made girls and women from around the world fall in love with him and despite taking a brief hiatus to focus on his music, Gosling is definitely the sex icon for the future.

Jessica Alba

"Sin City," "Fantastic Four," "Into the Blue" and "The Love Guru" have each shown off the curves, beauty and raw sexual allure of this Californian wonder. Ok maybe "The Love Guru" didn't. She has been named the most beautiful woman in the world on numerous occasions and her eyes are so big and wonderful that scientists have pondered whether there is another world deep inside them.

George Clooney

Georgey has spent the last ten years attempting to turn himself into a modern day Cary Grant, one that is politically active, and has been extremely successful in doing so. "Ocean's Eleven,""Good Night and Good Luck" and "Syriana" have shown that Dr. Ross actually had some talent. There must be something wrong with him, right? No man can be that perfect.

Dwayne Johnson

Buff? Yes. Funny? Yes. Intelligent? Well, he can put together a coherent sentence. But his choice in movie roles may hurt that intelligence argument. What is for certain is that the pecs and wit of the former wrestler has turned "The Rock" into one of the most desirable men on the planet. Say what you want about his acting, but the dude is good-looking and in great shape.