6 Of The Most Foul Mouthed Movie Characters Of All Time

Thursday, December 8 by Jason Cuthbert

Ralphie Soap

When insults are deposited into memory banks, they are hard to withdraw, especially if they came from 6 of the most foul-mouthed movie characters of all time. Considering that the actors that have uttered these "scripted sins" include Al Pacino, Samuel L. Jackson and Joe Pesci, the cursing is first class all the way. If the kids are gone and preparations have been made to attend a spiritual sanctuary of choice afterwards, make way for 6 of the most foul-mouthed movie characters of all time.

nicky santoro casino

Nicky Santoro from "Casino" In the monarchy of movies, Joe Pesci should be crowned the King of Cursing. Many Pesci fans may be quick to single out his vicious verbs in "Goodfellas" as an example of Pesci's way with expletives, but his portrayal of malevolent mobster Nicky Santoro gave his mouth permission to drop enough foul "F bombs" to conquer any clean-cut community of censorship. "Casino" even won the Guinness Book world record for the most swearing in a movie.

gunnery sgt hartman full metal jacket

Gunnery Sgt. Hartman from "Full Metal Jacket" The scariest part of how foul this movie character's mouth gets is that actor R. Lee Ermey, who played him, was really in the US Marine Corps for eleven years and really wrote his own harsh dialogue. Sgt. Hartman lays into his own recruits using bitter, unbiased adjectives with the pure intention of hardening their hearts.

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/samuel-l-jackson/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>samuel l jackson</a> <a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/mustache/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>mustache</a>.jpg” src=”http://media1.break.com/breakstudios/2011/11/3/samuel l jackson mustache.jpg” /></p>
	<strong>Jules <span data-scayt_word=Winnfield from "Pulp Fiction" Dynamic screenwriter and director Quentin Tarantino has made a career out of crafting callous characters. Samuel L Jackson happened to bring one of Tarantino's most foul-mouthed manifestations to life. In the star-studded hit "Pulp Fiction", Jackson plays Jules Winnfield, a hitman in the midst of a spiritual rebirth. While cleaning up after a rather bloody shooting, Jules had this to say about the situation: "I used the same f*ckin' soap you did and when I got finished, the towel didn't look like no godd*mn Maxi-Pad!"

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/scarface-120/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Scarface</a> 10 Best Time Crimes Movies” src=”http://media1.break.com/breakstudios/2011/8/16/tony_montana-7051.jpg” /></p>
	<strong>Tony Montana from "<span data-scayt_word=Scarface" Al Pacino became immortalized in cinema as the Cuban drug dealer Tony Montana, willing to shoot his way towards the American Dream. Montana is a movie character whose mouth is foul enough to make toothpaste stink. The extent of Tony Montana's graciousness can be summed up with this: "You don't got nothing to do with your life. Why don't you get a job? Work with lepers. Blind kids. Anything's gotta be better than lying around all day waiting for me to f*ck you."

Glengarry_Glen_Ross Monologues From Movies.jpg

Blake from "Glengarry Glen Ross" Actor Alec Baldwin makes the most of his brief performance as sinister salesman Blake in "Glengarry Glen Ross." Blake manages to reduce a room full of grown men into an orphanage of infants with just his foul mouth. Baldwin unleashes a relentless tirade, written by David Mamet, that includes incredulous gems like: "F*ck you. That's my name. You know why, mister? You drove a Hyundai to get here. I drove an $80,000 BMW. THAT'S my name."

frank booth blue velvet

 Frank Booth from "Blue Velvet" When a movie character is motivated by his ability to intimidate and his love for strange sex, a foul mouth is likely not too far behind. Hopper's character, Frank Booth, single-handedly proves that even in a seemingly peaceful neighborhood, a heinous act could be happening behind closed doors. Booth is at his worst when he confuses sex with violence: "You know what a love letter is? It's a bullet from a fu*king gun, fu*cker! You receive a love letter from me, you're f*cked forever! You understand, f*ck? I'll send you straight to hell, f*cker!"   

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