Nothing like a nice big drug binge to take your mind off of life's problems. But drugs are expensive! And how will you know which drugs to take? So perhaps you'd like to binge vicariously through these six movie drug binges - six of the most epic in cinematic history. It's probably safer that way, you know?

"The Trip"

The 60s were all about tuning in, tuning out, and tuning up, or whatever the expression is. And one of the best movies about this experience is Roger Corman's "The Trip," starring Peter Fonda as a young commercial director who tries LSD for the first time. The result, as you might predict, is a hallucinogenic odyssey through the streets of Hollywood. Sometimes Wikipedia says it best: "For no apparent reason, a midget riding a merry-go-round in the background blurts 'Bay of Pigs!!'"

"Altered States"

Most drug users are content to just light up on their sofas, but Dr. Edward Jessup needs more than that. He's a psychologist who is working on a theory that the "altered states of consciousness" experienced by drug users are as "real" as our normal everyday states of consciousness. So he does what any man of science would do: Get blitzed on an unnamed assortment of experimental hallucinogenics and lock himself in a sensory-deprivation chamber. The result is almost too amazing to be called a "drug binge."


When Tony Montana came to the United States, it was so he could experience life in a free society, away from communist Cuba's oppressive atmosphere. So, obviously, he's going to do so much cocaine that he can barely stand up without it, then participate in a coke-fueled shoot-out that ends in him plunging from his magnificent indoor balcony into a giant fountain bearing his personal motto: "The world is yours." Literal mountains of cocaine, we're talking here.


The last third of Martin Scorsese's "GoodFellas" is famous for its frenetic depiction of all the different stressors in Henry Hill's life bottlenecking into one unbearable day. And since one of those stressors happens to be an addiction to cocaine, that day is filed under the most impressive movie drug binges of all time. And he even manages to whip up some pretty good meat sauce at the same time.

"Pulp Fiction"

Not all drug binges last a long time. Take Mia Wallace's introduction to the world of heroin in "Pulp Fiction." She thinks it's garden-variety cocaine, so she sucks a metric ton of it through her nose. The result? Overdose, milky white fluid from mouth, and eventually an adrenaline needle straight into her heart. Best night ever!

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

Then again, some drug binges can last for weeks. In Terry Gilliam's "Fear and Loathing Las Vegas," Johnny Depp plays a reporter suspiciously similar to Hunter S. Thompson, and who along with his cohort Benicio Del Toro experience some of the most wild hallucinations ever captured on film. Giant bats, moving walls and floors, and crazy colors are just the easy-to-describe parts of their drug binge. For the other stuff, you have to watch the movie.