Frank Miller’s “Sin City” is known for many things. Its stylized graphic novel look. Its over-the-top violence, but mostly this movie is known for its amazing group of hot girls. Ranging from classically beautiful to exotically gorgeous these women steal the screen every time they are on it. These 6 “Sin City” girls show that even in black-and-white, sex still sells.


Jessica Alba


Playing the pivotal role of Nancy Calahan, Alba steams up the screen as a stripper in chaps. Even while keeping her clothes on Alba danced into the memories of men everywhere, with nothing more than a few shakes of her hips.  

Alexis Bledel

Playing an oddly innocent looking prostitue, Bledel leaves behind her “Gilmore Girls” character in “Sin City.”  As she betrays and lies her way through the plot, Bledel still is inexcusably hot. Almost earning forgiveness through her bluer-than-blue eyes.   


Rosario Dawson

This mohawked raven is unforgettable in her outfit of g-string, fishnets, stillettos and machine guns. Although her screen time is limited it’s impossible to forget her exotic appeal in this fiery role. Dawson simply becomes the hottest bad girl ever.


Carla Gugino

The only thing that can overcome Mickey Rourke’s massive fake “Sin City” nose is Gugino’s sihoutted naked body. In palying a lesbian probation officer, Gugino is easily the hottest woman with no arms in any movie ever. Truly a feat of acting and a much larger feat of hottness.


Jaime King

Playing the twins Wendy and Goldie, King shows off her perfect form from the get go. Sharing one of the steamiest scenes in the movie King is seen as the perfect woman. The blonde goddess that lies above the immorality and sin of the city. The fact that she’s topless doesn’t hurt either and her perfect locks remind you that even in “Sin City” there can still be an angel.


Devon Aoki


The pixie faced Asian beauty Miho is as lethal as she is beautiful. Carrying the title for the most beheadings by a hot chick, Aoki tears her way through “Sin City” with blood as cold as ice. Luckily she looks incredible while doing it.