Girls-always going on about their cramps, eating chocolate, and demanding that you watch period romances with them. But they don't always have specific titles in mind, which is where your friendly neighborhood film expert comes swooping in to save the day, perhaps in an elaborately decorated ballroom or banquet hall. Here are six of the greatest period romance movies your girlfriend will love. This will almost make up for the whole fat, beer-swiling thing.

"Gone With The Wind"

Women famously go crazy for this American Civil War epic, which features Scarlett O'Hara as she goes from ditzy southern belle to ditzy white trash to somewhat-respectable ditz over the course of seven and a half hours of running time. The romance comes in the form of Rhett Butler, played by Clark Gable as the ultimate jerk who girls love, for some reason.

"The Adventures of Robin Hood"

Another Technicolor Hollywood spectacle from the late 30s, this one with significantly more swordfights. In fact, it's one of the best action-adventure movies ever made, in addition to featuring one of the great on-screen romantic pairs in Errol Flynn as Robin Hood and Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian. Legendary onscreen romance and a swordfight with Basil Rathbone: This movie has something for everyone.

"Romeo and Juliet"

The original historical romance to watch with your girlfriend is also a movie that many of us had to watch in high school. Everything's there, though: Doomed young lovers, their disapproving parents, and yes, a swordfight or two. Why do they even bother making these movies without any swordfights? It seems like a waste of a good chandelier.

"Queen Christina"

For a brief period in the 1930s, Greta Garbo was the queen of the historical romance movie. And one of her best efforts is "Queen Christina" the romantic tale of the Queen of Sweden who has to choose between her throne and the man she loves. And guys: This is perhaps the earliest example of a "lesbian kiss" being depicted on film, so give this one a shot, no?

"Samson and Delilah"


Even your girlfriend will agree that not all girls are good news. And Hedy LaMarr plays the original femme fatale to the hilt in this classic Cecil B. Demille biblical melodrama, featuring Victor Mature as the man with the hair. The romance is doomed and tragic, and since this was a bible movie it was allowed to be a little bit sexy too. And yeah, there's plenty of violent death. Come one, come all!

"Jane Eyre"

If there's one thing girls like more than "Jane Eyre" it's Michael Fassbender, and the most recent filmed adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's novel combines both of those flavors into one delicious mixture. Your girlfriend will thrill to the classic gothic plot twists like the crazy relative in the attic, and you will be secure in the knowledge that you could be doing something worse, like going shopping or talking on the phone! Ladies, right? Get outta here.