6 Of The Best War Documentaries Of All Time

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2. Control Room

This film may not be strictly about the warfare caused by Operation Enduring Freedom, but make no mistake, Control Room is a war movie. The film follows Al-Jazeera, the Middle East news network during the months following September 11th. The film follows the journalists hired by the network as they try to wade through propoganda on both sides in order to show a clear version of the events as they see them. That task alone winds up being herculean as they are met with resistance (again, from both sides) during their quest for the truth.

1. The World at War

This 26-episode behemoth clocks in at almos 24 hours of runtime offering a damn-near exhaustive look at World War II, containing interviews with Albert Speer, Karl Dönitz, Walter Warlimont,James Stewart, Bill Mauldin, W. Averell Harriman, Curtis LeMay, Lord Mountbatten of Burma, Alger Hiss, Toshikazu Kase, Mitsuo Fuchida, Minoru Genda, J. B. Priestley, Brian Horrocks, John J. McCloy, Lawrence Durrell, Arthur Harris, Charles Sweeney Paul Tibbets, Anthony Eden, Traudl Junge, Mark Clark, Adolf Galland, Hasso von Manteuffel, and historian Stephen Ambrose.

Creator Jeremy Isaacs put a premium on those closest to the efforts, rather than those whose name the public would recognize. Some consider his biggest “get” to be Himmler’s assistant, who described a large-scale execution that he had the misfortune of witnessing firsthand. The film opens with a Nazi massacre in France and that tone is maintained for it’s full day of run time. Not exactly light television, but a must for students of world history and war.

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