6 Of Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s Craziest Moments

Friday, January 6 by

Jesse Ventura Is Wrong About Bin Laden Being Alive, Claims He Worked For CIA

He manages to out-crazy Fox News on this program, which is no small feat. At about 2:15, he discusses Bin Laden being an operative for the CIA in the past, and claims that we missed our opportunity to kill him. I’m not really going to craft an opinion on the former, and he’s just flat out wrong on the latter, as I’m pretty sure the US got another chance to kill him when they killed him.

The Body Takes Style Elements From Gene Simmons

When you take elements of the Kiss frontman’s style, including the dyed hair, and sportcoat with t-shirt look, then add to it dual braided bears, you’re going to raise a few eyebrows. When you rock that look on a national news show in 2008, you’re opening yourself up to some serious sanity-questioning.

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