6 Of Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s Craziest Moments

Friday, January 6 by

Conspiracy Theory

Recently, Ventura has been riding a third wave of stardom based on his popular conspiracy theory views. This celebrity is not to be conflated with “respect,” as he goes after some pretty crazy topics that seem better fodder for the Weekly World News than the time and efforts of a former governor. Here he is discussing how aliens don’t exist, and Area 51 is for super-secret weapons. And this isn’t even the craziest episode he hosts.

Ventura On Good Morning America

Sure, he’s pontificating about some secret government 9/11 documents that prove that the attacks were part of a conspiracy (or something like that), but the real insanity here is that jacket. It’s on loan from the Steven Segal On Deadly Ground collection. He doesn’t start chanting in this clip, but I’m willing to be he does later in the video. The t-shirt underneath is a nice touch. Schizophrenic-chic.

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