6 Of Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s Craziest Moments

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Unless his newsletter is about facial hair trends, I'm probably going to pass.  

Normally Jesse Ventura’s crazy rhetoric just bothers people without illicitness a violent response. This was not the case a few days ago, when the former Minnesota governor decided to mouth off at a wake for a Navy SEAL, which went over well enough with other SEALs to get him clocked right in his grill. In the SEAL assailant’s defense, Ventura, a former SEAL himself (Underwater Demolition Team, to be specific), claimed “We (SEALs) deserve to lose a few guys.”

Do you, Jesse? Really?

While it may be the most recent example of Jesse Ventura spouting crazy, it’s far from the only instance. Ventura has always been a proponent of the “straight talk express,” a euphemism Ventura crafted to convey honest and frequently unpopular or unspoken sentiments on a national level. He utilized the divisive practice in getting elected, but it seems as though people have found the schtick wearing thin since he left office in 2003.

Here are more than a few instances of “The Body” exercising his right to free speech, regardless of the hit his perceived sanity might take.

Ventura Walks Off The Opie And Anthony Show

Opie and Anthony have had a contentious relationship with the outspoken former wrestler ever since this incident in which he stormed off the show, claiming he was ganged-up on by the radio show gang. Here he was railing on 9/11 conspiracies, and acting more than a little patronizing while doing it.

Someone is bound to storm out of the room when they share it with Ventura, and since Opie and Anthony are the show’s hosts, it makes sense that it was Jesse that busted out.

Jesse Gets In A Shouting Match Over The War In Iraq…At The Baltimore Book Festival

Talk about the wrong forum. Ventura can’t help himself from getting embroiled in debate, even long after he’s held office. This is from 2010‘s Baltimore Book Festival. Ventura is sitting on a panel when he gets heckled by someone for his views on the war on terror. Ventura responds, and derails what was probably a very pleasant conversation about Walt Whitman or something.

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