North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong Il was so fond of movies that he was said to have owned more than 20,000 of them. His son and successor, Kim Jong Un, seems to like Disney films; however, he may not be fond of every film. Here are six North Korea movies the glorious leader will hate.


“The Defector: Escape from North Korea”

“The Defector: Escape from North Korea” is a documentary that tells the stories of men and women who are trying to escape from North Korea. It portrays North Korea as a country full of suffering people living under an oppressive regime. The narrator calls Kim Jong Ill ruthless and brutal and suggests that Kim Jong Un is even worse.


“The Dictator's Cut”

“The Dictator's Cut” gives audiences a tour of the late Kim Jong Il’s state cinema–generally off limits to the public. It also provides details about Kim Jong Il’s kidnapping of film director Shin Sang-ok, who tried to escape from North Korea multiple times. The director tells his audience that Shin Sang-ok was put to work in a concentration camp for three years for trying to flee the country. This film’s exposure, both of secret North Korean institutions and of Kim Jong Il’s tyrannical behavior, make this one North Korea movie the glorious leader will hate


“Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil

This film shows a fictional encounter between North Korea and a team of US Navy Seals. The SEALS are left stranded in North Korea after an order to abort the mission fails to reach them. They fight for their survival and eventually make it out alive with help from South Korea’s military and Special Forces. The Glorious leader will hate this film, because it portrays North Korea as an unsympathetic enemy and the Americans trying to disable its nuclear missiles as heroes. It also portrays South Korea as heroic.


“Kim Jong Kill”

Written by Benjamin Rubin and directed by Jim Garvey purports to tell the truth about Kim Jong Il’s death. Trailers for the film suggest that Kim Jong Il did not really die of a heart attack as reported, but was instead murdered.  They show the former leader being stabbed multiple times by a woman. The glorious leader is likely to hate this film, because it shows his father being murdered violently.


Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War” 


“Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War” is a South Korean film that has been compared to America’s “Saving Private Ryan.” It is a high quality, graphic film telling the history of the Korean War through the eyes of two fictional brothers fighting for opposite sides. In some ways Tae Guk Gi is sympathetic to North Korea – because it shows how brutal the South Koreas could be to their prisoners. But North Korea still comes out looking worse and the brother who fights for the North Koreans ends up war-obsessed and almost mad.



“Hiding” tells the story of a group of North Korean refugees who have escaped to China, where they remain in hiding. The glorious leader will hate this film, because it exposes the horrible conditions of North Korea’s prison camps. It also exposes the nation’s problems with sex slavery. Finally, it shows how much North Korea’s oppressed citizens desire freedom.