6 Normally-Taped Shows That Have Done Live Episodes

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Will and Grace

You know what’s marginally better than Will and Grace? Just about everything. However, millions tuned in twice to the delightful parade of gay stereotypes in order to see if Jack would be even MORE Jack when an editor and multiple takes were removed from the equation.

The eighth season premiere went live with the oh-so-clever name “Alive and Schticking,” and even featured live TV stalwart Alec Baldwin as a guest star. Unlike most entries on this list, this episode contained a fair number of flubs and muffled laughter, meaning that Will and Grace actors and producers are wildly unprofessional and must be stopped.

Roc (The Entire Second Season)

Most people won’t remember this show from FOX that ran from 1991-1994. It starred Charles S. Dutton as a Baltimore garbage man way before The Wire made Baltimore interesting.

However, while the setting of the show may not have been the most interesting, the show’s cast featured accomplished stage actors who wanted to flex their muscle a little. As such, they got FOX’s blessing to air every episode of the second season live. While one-off episodes of some shows had been done live, no show had done an entire season of live episodes since the 1950’s, back when technology mandated the live performance.

Sadly, following this experiment, which garnered some attention, but not much in the way of acclaim, the show took on a more dramatic and important tone, which FOX audiences were in no mood for. Consequently, the show began a downward slide.

But at least now you can say you know something interesting about Roc. Unless you find Charles S. Dutton interesting. In which case you can say you know two interesting things about the show Roc. Tell everyone who will listen.

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