The setting in which a force has taken over the world and rules it with a dominant grip is always a fun one, as it creates a sort of realistic science fiction that's grounded in a way that we can all buy into. Most of the stories center around people within this world that are rebelling against it, but this struggle is always entertaining, as it's a struggle that is always going on in the real world to some degree. Check out these great new world order films to get your fix of rebellion onscreen.



The classic George Orwell book was made into a movie well before the actual year hit. This story was a result of the Cold War and threat of communism to the Western World and is a great one, albeit a bleak one. The film isn't nearly as good as the movie but is a good starter for this genre of storytelling.



Terry Gilliam's masterpiece about a malfunctioning bureaucratic system in the future is a brilliantly acted and art designed satire. It has a timelessness that anyone who works in a business machine can identify with and only seems to become more fascinating and funny upon each subsequent viewing.


"The Matrix"

An instant action classic, "The Matrix" tells the awesome science fiction story of a made-up world that we all live in, when in truth we are controlled as batteries by robots. The idea behind "The Matrix" is mind blowing and visionary. Unfortunately the subsequent sequels were over thought turds that taintd the whole franchise. However, the first film should be thought of on its own.



Christopher Nolan is a modern master and "Inception" is a film he worked on for many years, trying to get it right. While the new world order implication is never mentioned, there is an understanding that the main characters work for a New World Order type of organization who controls people's thoughts through dreams. Very fascinating, heady stuff.


"The Manchurian Candidate"

An American soldier returns from captivity armed as a silent assassin who only needs to be switched on to attack. While this classic film is about soldiers and warfare, there is also a subtle implication about a new world order controlling him and his mind so that they can get their way. The original is the one worth watching, while the recent remake strays a bit.


"Children of Men"

One of the best films to come out in decades about a new world order, yet one that is quickly dying. People on earth suddenly are unable to breed and this tale follows the final days of man as they cling to one last hope. Everything about this film is incredible and it doesn't let you relax until the final, beautiful frame.